Wednesday, June 27, 2012

NYC: summer wonderings 2011

Making our way to the Guggenheim Museum

Seeing/making references to SITC

Fulfilling promises to our friend Moala who wanted a firefighter. 

Eating at our favourite little pizza place around the corner.

Beautiful tribute to the 9/11 Hero's from their ladder.

Hello lovely readers,

While each day in NY was jam packed with laughs and adventures, this day just seemed that extra bit special. My sister and I were getting really tired so we strayed away from the group.....came back to the hotel for a little snooze. Woke up and it was lovely and warm outside....made our way on the subway back to the group....caught up with Emma and Rhi.....made it back to the hotel....saw all the cute firefighters and just had to get a pic with one because I promised my friend I would....basically walked up to him with this spill about "my friend just absolutely loves firefighters and she wanted to get a photo with a NY firefighter so can we get a photo with you?"....I said it really quickly and he just smiled with these amazing teeth and was like "suuurrree" the 4 of us were blushing a little because he was so nice, enjoyed the flirt and had a quick chat to us.....long enough for him to kinda stumble over his boots (and played it off like it was nothing) so I walked away giggling to myself.

He reckons "Enjoy your vacaay......oh I mean HAALIDAY!" 

Big Love,

Falala Mele

ps. we are sitting on the plane as I post this :) Not long to go now xo


  1. Love your hair in that second pic, you look gorgeous!

    Glad you had fun in my city! Did you come in to brooklyn?

    Stop by and say HI!
    Confessions Of A City Girl

    1. Hi Sherine! We just arrived tonight! We were hoping to meet up with a few lovely blogger friends on friday night. So if you are free come along. We haven't decided on the spot exactly but email me and I can text you ;)