Wednesday, June 13, 2012

New York; the old first day

I have been jabbering on about NYC like a crazy lady lately. The 3 following reasons are the cause:

1) In approximately 12 days I will be returning to this AMAZING place

2) One of my best friends are over there as we speak and I really wish we could have teed up our trips together because we should just scream at everything together! We have similar tastes/humour and we both get excited about food/travel/80's/90's fashion-music/both love thrifting (You should see the stuff she got me for my birthday!)

3) My blog feed is clogged up with all the beautiful ladies who are currently in NY for FFFW. I wish I was there!!!!

I will have to plan my timing better next time. But I'm definitely happy to be spending 4th of July over there. I already have an outfit ready for that day :)

Here's some pics of my sister, friends and I on our first day out in New York last year.

Photo credit/edit Emma Magenta
Nat geting a portrait and Rhiannon having an ice-cream in Battery Park
Mele & Emma Magenta
Waiting outside the small WTC memorial building (the new one was being built when we were visiting.

First slice of that NY pizza. It was so good. Thin crispy crust, not too much cheese and guy who served them was a charming New Yorker. Hollaaaaa ;)

 What I wore:

While packing for the summer in the US I didn't really know what to expect. I knew I wanted to be bright, comfortable and practical. Even though I love watching Sex in the City (yes I am cheesy) seeing Carrie glide effortlessly through the city, I knew that wasn't gonna be me. So I packed light sheer tops, skirts and tights for day wear.

This is one of my favourite tops. A cheap one from Best and Less (an Australian store) and I desperately wanted to find some yellow shorts. No luck with that search so I made this yellow skirt. It was the colour I wanted so I was happy.

I'm packing slowly here trying to fit in every possible outfit option. Here in Australia people in general are not really into fashion. Sure we have fashion hubs but in general people don't "get" the way I dress sometimes. And I'm not even that loud! So when I go to New York I really love to pull out all my 'cool shit' that I have been saving up. I'm one of those people who will save an item of clothing until it's ready for the right occasion/outfit. Yes I know I'm crazy.

Big Love,

Falala Mele xo


  1. *SIGH* Ahhh.... New York... There's no place like home :-) Glad you'll be visiting my city soon!

    Confessions Of A City Girl

    1. you are one lucky lady to live there! Planning on catching up with a few ny bloggers....Come if you are free! I will email you details if you are keen ;)

    2. Aww man! I wish i saw this while you were here!?!?! I would have definitely love to meet up with you guys :-/ I know no new york

      Stop by and say HI!
      Confessions Of A City Girl

  2. Totally loving the crew!



    1. thanks kimberly....I love my girls cause they are FUUUUNNNN!

  3. oh such cool photos! love it ! :) looks like it was a blast! i have always wanted to go to new york.


  4. Hey love, I just wanted to say thank you so so much for the super sweet comment about my wedding. You totally made my day and I really appreciate it. Stay fabulous. xo