Saturday, June 30, 2012

NYC; Queens

Vintage dress: $1 thrifted / Shoes: Converse

Our beautiful friend Rhiannon promised her boyfriend she would go all the way to Queens to pick up something special for her boyfriend from Sadowsky Guitars. We all went along to explore Queens and I was especially excited because one of my favourite movies of all time "COMING TO AMERICA" is based around that area.

We got a pint of ice-cream for $3 because we thought it wouldn't be full. LOL we couldn't finish it but atleast we will know better for next time. Queens was beautiful. We walked through the projects and they were quiet. We got lost and ask for directions and everyone was really nice. Any places to recommend this time around in Queens?

Big Love,

Falala Mele xo

ps. I can't believe I am back again a year later! Today it was SOOOO WARM out....but I'm not complaining because I'd rather be hot than cold...ha ha ha ha so long Australian winter!


  1. hiya mele!
    waitaminute, are you in NYC now? lol i must have lost the plot awhile back *sorry* if you are there, have a great time!
    luv, jijixx
    ps i love that dress! you look like a figure-skater! xx

  2. HEEEEY GIRL! YES!!! I should be able to come to the city sometime this coming week, what day is best for you guys? :D YAY! I'll email you my nr. :D (if I can find your e-mail lol. im gonna search now.

    lovely photos btw. never been to queens but it looks nice!!!