Tuesday, April 24, 2012

What she's wearing in Nashville, TN

 It has been forever but I am so overdue at updating my "What she's wearing" posts. Thankfully I managed to stumble across this beautiful girl on tumblr. I didn't know who she was but I LOVED her style and was so chuffed to figure out that she was a follower on my blog. I immediately had to contact her.
This was the pic I tumbld a while ago. Cool huh?

 So without any further ado, please meet my beautiful friend Dimples; the blogger behind Broke Fatshion.
I love her amazing use of colour and I often look through her photos saying "Oh I like that whole look". Definitely blogger crushing on her style and the overall polished look of her blog. Her blog is quality and worth checking out.

People say that personal style should reflect your personality. So if it's possible can you describe yourself in 10 words?  

exuberant, eccentric, bright, fun, bubbly, earthy, sultry, nostalgic,easy-going, BOLD
What is your greatest staple in your wardrobe?
 My vibrant collection of blazers, no wardrobe is complete without a great fitting blazer.

  When you want to "work it" what do you wear?
 I would wear bold colors more than likely some color blocking or throw on some bold and bright prints.

What is something you have always wanted to buy or wear, but have never found?
  neon sheer maxi....I have yet to find one in my size. I have added this on my d.i.y list.

                                                                     How do you embrace your curves?
I wear whatever I want and never leave the house without my confidence. It is the most important thing in your wardrobe. 

Picture this: At the time you wear something and you think it’s the baddest shit going, but then later you’re like OMG? WTH? Would you care to describe if this has ever happened to you?

I have sometimes worn things that later after taking pictures I felt like they did not photograph well but I have never walked out the house...styled up or casual and completely had any regrets on the pieces I have worn. If I have an ounce of doubt I go back to the drawing bored before the mistake is made lol.

What is something daring that you want to introduce to your wardrobe?
 I adore all things vintage and retro and love high waist jean cut offs that I see many people wear. I am not big into wearing short shorts but I love how they look. I just got done making some high waist cut offs and ripping them up. I cannot wait to wear them.

What is the one thing (clothes, makeup or whatever) that transforms you (into sexy you, smart you, confident you or glamour you) when you wear it? 

The last thing I usually put on before leaving are my accessories. I am crazy about accessories I don't follow rules I wear what I want and they put that B in Bam for me, my earrings and rings in particular. I cannot go anywhere even the gym without wearing earrings.

Any tips or secrets you want to share about shopping or plus fashion style?

Most of my clothes are thrifted. If you have not ventured into thrifting its never to late to start. I love finding one of a kind pieces and my best tip to having a great thrift haul, is go when you have plenty of time,and make sure you scan every rack and section. I have had finds from straight sizes and men's section. These finds make up 60-70% of my wardrobe. Thrifting can become addictive and its so fun.
Remember be daring, bold, and never second guess yourself.Stay Fashionable <3

 So what are you waiting for? Check her out, follow and be inspired :)

Big Love,

Falala Mele


  1. I am inspired. Love this! I grew up really skinny (and knowing nothing about fashion) Now Im a busy sleepless mum, not skinny and still know nothing about fashion. I love seeing a woman dress with confidence and assurance and wish that i knew how to do that too. Im looking, studying and trying to learn from you and your fascinating blog posts on clothes, thank you.

    1. Lani I was telling my other friends that when I was younger I would always try to encourage my cousins to wear the clothes I wish would have fit me :(
      It took a lil courage to dress to be noticed rather than just covering up and wearing what will fit. Now I can't stand to be seen in the same thing that someone else has on (and for larger women like myself we have a limited supply on plus size clothes) so I'm always on the hunt for something different. Thank you for reading and responding you have no idea how cool I think I am because you are a follower of my blog :D

  2. Yaaay thank you Mele for the feature on your blog, I am always honored when people compliment my style. It inspires me to continue this blogger journey. We will def have to meet up and go shopping/thrifting whenever you make it to Nashville girl!!!!

    <3 Leah

  3. I love your blog because I can relate to it!! And she's killing it;-) following hope you follow back ;-)