Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Happy Birthday Moala

 Hello Wonderful Ones,

Just wanted to share a few pics from the weekend. It was my friend Moala's birthday.

We first met back at college when she was so shy that she brought her scooby strings into my dorm room to keep herself occupied while we (another new friend Chazmyne) we all getting acquainted.

Since the beginning of our friendship we have been through lots (even a little silly fight). She even took the plunge to move over to the other side of Australia to work with me in the outback with my beloved Aboriginal students as a dorm parent. It was a daunting task to become a mother figure to 30 girls ranging from 8-17 years old; but she did it. We learnt so much together being role models to those kids. We would giggle knowing deep down we were just two lost friends trying to figure out what we were doing and how to get over missing the home comforts of family, shops, fresh produce and a social life.

She's the one who fills me in on all the cool stuff that is going down (like the flash mob we did together) and she sent me a book I new nothing about a few months ago and I got to read it and enjoy it before it was released (YES I am a Hunger Games fan). She's the one who will leave little notes all over NYC for me to find because we couldn't get our holiday schedules to match. She's the one who actually sends me real letters in the post. In case you can't already tell she is one of my most cherished friends so HAPPY BIRTHDAY CATHERINE MOALA!

Jycica and I studied the same course at college. We are both Primary Teachers.

We always act a fool when we catch up :)

What I wore: Black Dress Forever 21/Boots Target/Belt Gifted/ Earrings St. Vinnies

One amazing Massman Beef Curry @ Chillijam Parramatta

Avondale College Homies.   

Hope your weekend was great.

Big Love,

Falala Mele


  1. I love those boots on you and that curry looks delicious, I love your friends white sweater too with the chain through the loop, very unique!

  2. that looks like a great birthday with a lot of fun! :)
    and you look so great! all of you. i like your dress and the shoes!

    thanx for your comment on my blog, i "quiek" like a little child, that i got a comment from you and from australia thats so far away from here. and you have to know, that i love your blog! realy!
    i read every post from you and i love your outfits and youre sunshine-smilin face. you look so positive every time! ;) i wrote no comments on your blog, because my english is sooooo terrible, that i`m ashamed to write something!
    i can speak, i can understand - but writing ?!? i'll do my best, so please be gentle with me ;)

    have a nice week, see ya

    1. Hello Miss Biggy. Thanks for your comment, I must say that I also feel embarressed leaving comments in english on your pgae because I'm expecting you to translate what Im saying....but you are AWESOME knowing two languages good enough to communicate in both so you beat me hands down. I have been enjoying your blog too. I love seeing a glimpse into other cultures and countries so a BIG FAT THANK YOU <3 from me xo

  3. i always get a warm buzz after seeing pictures of you and your friends on an outing <3 great group of girls.
    happy belated birthday moala from kuala lumpur

    1. she'll be stoked.....I'm literally copying this and pasting it on her facebook! Hope you are having a great week Jiji xo I am showing my sister the brithday cupcakes cause I think we will do something similar for my nieces birthday. You have inspired me xo

  4. Love your dress I need one like that, yall had fun I wanna join lol. My bday is coming up and I so need a picture like that with the nose and glasses those are so funny, classics.

    <3 leah