Sunday, April 29, 2012

Supafest 2012

Catching the train with our DIY shirts (just need tape and spraypaint)

Glasses: Salvos 50c / Chain: Anglicare $2 / Blouse: Thrifted $1 / Earrings: St. Vinnies $2

Supafest is an urban music festival in Australia and it was the first time I attended. I had not planned to go because I'm not really a Chris Brown fan and he was the headliner but my sister's bestie won 2 tickets to go in a dance (aka booty shaking) competition and I really didn't wanna be the one to miss out so I brought my ticket (and was extremely excited to see Missy Elliot, Ice-Cube, Naughty by Nature and Ludacris). Turns out Missy had never confirmed that she was apart of the lineup.  I hate shady promoters and the lies they put out there to sell tickets. She never came. 
So anyways we stood ALL DAY LONG (I'm talking from 11am - 10:30pm without any toilet breaks and only sipping on water to avoid going to the toilet) but it was another chance to dance around with my friends and I repped one of my favourite artists atm MIGUEL and his song ADORN cause I still got that on repeat. Respect to those artists coming out and putting on a good show. Even Chris Brown did his thing. Wouldn't say I'm a fan now, but I'm no longer a hater.

Big Love,

Falala Mele


  1. Girl i love Chris Brown lol
    We have concerts like that down here but i never go because its so HOT!

    1. I used to like him but I kinda didn't go outta my way to like both him and Rihanna after their lil kafuffle cause I felt like they were both building their careers from the whole beating her up incident (like releasing songs so everyone could say "Oh my gosh this song is about her" and vice versa). With that being said they have both built a very lucrative and solid career and after watching him I can say that he 1)works damn hard 2) that he brings his shit and delivers. OMG I bet you your ones would be the best! You would have so many great artists because they wouldn't have to fly em out overseas. Ice Cube, Luda, T Pain, Naughty by Nature, Lupe, Chris Brown, Trey and EVERYONE who performed....they were FUCKING AMAZING. Everyone brought it so I'm glad I went!

  2. You guys look amazing!!!!!
    Love it!
    How did you do them???
    I am doing a girls weekend in Mid-July with my girls and would love to surprise them with some t-shirts!
    Also, can't wait to take you around in July :D
    I may even be performing at the festival I want to take you to! LOL.
    Not sure yet... We'll see. Keep ya posted!

    1. OH EM GEEE I'm so excited for you! I hope I hope I hope I get to see you perform! Sooooo excited to be there already...LOL trying to stay focused and work out and eat right and all that other stuff so I can be ready to rumble when I hit your town :)

      As for the shirts; they were super easy. So for mine I printed off the letters and then I got and overhead/clear transparency paper and traced the letters and then I cut them out and basically used this as a stencil on my shirt. I just used normal spray paint I found at a cheap store.

      The girls just used some good thick tape and cut it out and stuck them on in the words that they wanted. Basically sprayed over it and peeled away when it was dried. The second way to do it is probably quicker and still really effective. Just keep the shirt colours light to the paint comes out vibrant ;) Hope you and your girls have an awesome weekend!

  3. so cool! i love your tshirt and your sister's hair is amazeballs! lol. you all looked like you had a blast.

    i was supposed to see erykah badu in concert here but our govt decided to ban the concert over some matter. it's really annoying because they do it for the coming election, trying to gain votes but i think they'll lose more vote from my generation. i did manage to go to a private after party to see her, well, not sing, but spin :). oh well.


    1. Noooooo way! She was here for another music festival not too long ago but I was broke but I'm soooooo envious that you were able to hear her on the decks....she honestly is one of the coolest cats and being at the private after party thing where she was at....well that's just bragging rights for the rest of the year ;)

  4. i love these pictures. these give me summer-feeling. really amazing and colorful.
    nessi from hungary

  5. Festival wear! I have never been to a festival before because I don't like being out in the heat and under the sun. I get grouchy! :) But I HEART that tee! And your sunnies are definitely cute :)

    ♥ laura
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  6. Love your shirt. Looks like u ladies had fun :-)

  7. Looks like an amazing event, and you all look great - really loving all the great handmade t-shirts and all the really fierce sunglasses!