Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Summer pt.2

This is what it's all about....late nights with family and friends enjoying each others company and just clowning around.

Are your favourite summer memories made up with moments like mine?

Big Love,

Falala Mele xo

ps. LOL at my backward self posting Summer Pt.3 before Summer pt.2


  1. Clowning around with family is always the best! You all look like you are having a great time and everyone is so lovely! Kiah

  2. lol i love the picture where everyone pulls a funny face!
    luv, jijixx

  3. Definitely! We clown around as much as possible when it gets warmer, lol. Everyone disappears when the cold sets in ... hibernation perhaps?
    I just can't wait for our summer to roll around here in NY. FUN!

  4. Such gorgeous pictures as always! We really don't get very good summers here, but I quite agree that no matter the weather, they should be something like this!

    Love the silly faces picture!

  5. Oh my goodness I am so excited about NY....we should be getting our tickets this week! Im getting giddy about being in NY for summer :D Can't wait to meet you Gabrielle and catch up with Deja.

    Sara you really should save your pennies and come visit us in Australia...although you might have to come in spring because you may find the weather too hot!

    Funny faces pic was our "constipated" faces. Yes, we are a weird bunch :/

  6. Can't wait as well :)
    Off topic question: I have a sun allergy so I tend to avoid the sun and I am also highly allergic to sunscreens, sunblocks, anything with SPF in it etc. Do you know of anything natural that people use to protect themselves from the sun in Australia. (Besides umbrellas and long sleeves of course, LOL)
    My friend from Madagascar is looking into something that the women use on their faces but it isn't transparent so I don't think it will work for me ... But we'll see. Anyway, just in case it doesn't work, I am researching my options...
    Pics of that below: I believe its tumeric.

    1. Hey Gabby off the top of my head nothing comes to mind. Im ssure the Aboriginal people may have a certain plant sap that they put on their skin to prevent burning....but nothing comes to mind right now.

      One of my best friends has very fair skin and she has to do it the old fashioned way....avoid the sun, use umbrellas, hats and sunscreen. I will definitely look into it though ;)

    2. I think that I will just have to do the same and stop fooling around.
      Its just frustrating because I have DARK skin, can you believe it?
      I have no idea what is causing this photosensitivity! I don't have lupus or any other autoimmune diseases that have this as a side effect.
      I'll be getting some nice umbrellas and hats then cause sunscreen gives me hives too, lol.
      Can't win. :/

  7. i just lov your blog! always looks like so much fun lol!

  8. I love your blog..you are soooo ADORB!