Sunday, August 3, 2014


Tartan Throw  THRIFTED / Tie-dye Top KMART / Leggings KMART / Boots RIVERS / Glasses EQUIP

107. That's the name of my favourite lipstick. It is a staple and life saver. I just slip it on with a lick of mascara and I'm ready to go. I've had the colour for well over a year now and I'm surprised I haven't needed a replacement. I'm a fan of matte colours because they have better staying power throughout the day. 107 is apart of the Rimmel Kate Moss range and from the quick google search (I was checking if it had another name) I would assume that it is the most popular in the range.  Priceline have them on sale now for $10 HERE

I also had a chance to wear my new boots today. I took my Dad out to buy some new clothes the other week and he picked up the boots that I wanted. I needed something sturdy and comfortable when walking through the streets on London, and something to withstand the rain and cold. I didn't want to pay $80 so I took a chance at holding out until the sale came. I walked back into Rivers and picked them up for $20. #WINNING

I've also been busy trying to sort out my UK visa as well as find a place to live (any advice or hookups would be appreciated because I'm starting to freak out!) and I've felt the real urge to start hunting through all my favourite opshops to stock up on warm clothes for London. Last week I found this adorable tartan throw over. It's warm and just feels so comfortable and it's feeding my current obsession with the 90's aesthetic.

Also picked up this oversized tie-dyed top from Kmart that I will no doubt live in during the summer.

Pretty casual and comfy but that seems to be my regular lately. What's new with you?

Big love,

Falala Mele.

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