Saturday, August 9, 2014


Frida vibes for the Mexican Fiesta party with my sissy CJ. 

So I spent last night hanging out with my home crew celebrating the birthdays of two amazing women. Both are working extremely hard towards establishing their careers (one will lead in managing a substantial women's health organisation and the other will soon graduate with a degree in medicine).

Even though the weekdays are jam packed with meetings, study, deadlines and pressure; the weekends usually consists of an opposite agenda. We catch up. Talk shit. Eat, drink, sing and dance. These moments are special because I'm always away from home so I'm usually looking at these photos from some other state. In another 40 days I'll be jetting off to another country to live for a while so I'm consciously trying to be around and connect with as many friends as possible.

 I'm thankful for these people and I'm fully aware that these moments are special and should not be taken for granted. It's special when you have friends that make you both proud and happy.   Happy birthday my beautiful sisters. Continue to strive and make those changes for your community.
The birthday girls is full fiesta-swing!

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