Friday, December 7, 2012

vintage faded denim melbourne

A few months ago I went away to catch up with some of my lovely friends in Melbourne. The cold weather (I hate the cold) meant that I could wear my vintage denim jacket purchased by my friend from my favourite local opshop Mickey and Mallory.

I fell in love with the studded detail and embroidery. It's probably one of the coolest pieces I own and I wore this when I went to see Daniel Merriweather HERE and he even said he loved my jacket too!

So here it is more it with my purple oversized blouse. I found this baby in Brooklyn when I went opshopping with the Trini-Sissy Gabby. The colour and the buttons caught my eye and I'm pretty sure it set me back like $4. WINNING! Would have been cool to wear it with some boots or wedges but it was FREEEEEZING that night and were walking all over the city so I had to be kind to my toes :/

Vintage Denim Jacket $35 / Purple Vintage blouse $4 / Black Tights Kmart $8

Do you like it? What's your favourite denim piece?

Much love,

Falala Mele


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    1. Funny - that is exactly what I was going to say......

  2. wow, i never find stuff this fun and cute when thrifting!

  3. very cute :) love the color of the blouse