Sunday, December 30, 2012

2012 Gigs

 Hello Lovely ones,

I trust you are all getting your New Years plan cemented. This time last year I was in Samoa with some friends soaking up the pacific paradise and the kick back atmosphere. It was pretty fly but I desperately missed my family so this year I'm happy to be back home with them. 

We plan to go kick back at the local carnival and fireworks, play some games, record some whack videos and rather than nurse a crazy hangover (I don't drink anyways); we plan to get up early and take a huge hike through the bush (pretty sure it's 8kms either way) to a lookout. 

We thought we would start 2013 with a physical challenge to keep our mind and body in check. With a challenge comes the feeling of accomplishment once the task is completed and I plan to tackle this challenge with some of my most favourite people. 

Personally I'm really looking forward to the coming year. I made a commitment to work full time for 12 months and I haven't done that in a few years. I'm planning on travelling yet again and I'm also looking forward to the challenge of improving my physical health and well being. I have really loved cementing a fitness routine into my daily life. I am looking forward to reaching a goal of running 5kms on the road :/ LOL Lord help me ;) and encouraging all those around me to improve their own well being. I will have a teenager living under my roof and care and I basically, I am going to save money so that I can move to the UK for a stint of teaching and travelling in 2014.

BUSY, BUSY, BUSY. And why not. I'm young, I'm determined, I'm educated and I'm willing to make things happen. As I spoke with my sister I said it's been a year of music for us personally. Growing up we were quite poor. Enough money for the necessities but definitely not enough money for luxuries like concerts. Our friends would go and we would just imagine what it would be like. This year we attended a lot of music gigs. There is nothing I like more than live music. 
We started 2012 with a bang. Venga Boys.

Here's a list and photos of the gigs we attended in 2012. What were your favourite gigs of 2012?

  1. The Venga Boys- Newcastle Entertainment Centre January 14th
  2. Lloyd & Lazy J January 26th
  3. Superfest Sydney (Chris Brown, Trey Songs, T Pain etc) 15th April
  4. Dan Sultan- Wreck Bay Community March
  5. Daniel Merriweather  May 3 Wollongong Uni Bar
  6. Lenny Kravitz Wollongong Entertainment Centre
  7. Celine Dion Caesars Palace Vegas July
  8. Lady Antebellum 
My girls before the show started. Venga Boys were AWESOME!!!

Lloyd was late and we were mad but we forgot about it when he sang because he owned the stage.
Lazy J held his own on stage too. Big things to come if he takes his time to come up smart.
Forget the bouquet...we fought for this. Lloyd's shirt off his back. Sometimes it pays to be the big girls ;)
"Your the girls who were screaming smack at us" No that was for the others who sucked ;)
Lloyd crew <3
Superfest. Standing for like 14 hours. No breaks. No way we gonna lose our spot ;) Gangster.
Chris Brown, Ice Cube, Luda, T Pain, Trey Songs, Kelly Rowland, Big Sean, Naughty by Nature, Lupe Fiasco. Luda and Naughty by Nature and T Pain were my favourites.
We made our own shirts with our fave lyrics. I used Miguel's lyrics to Adorn.

Gah best voice bro. Dan Sultan. I <3 thee ;)
Best vibe. Chilled. Raw. Up close and personal.
After much hesitation we walked up and introduced ourselves and asked for pic. Ended up partying with them. Yeah!

Wormed our way from the back right up to the front. Got to touch Lenny and he responded to my demands ;)

Dream list of 2013

Got tickets to see Brian Adams....YEAAAAHHHH BOII!! That's a great start right?

Would love to see:

  1. Miguel
  2. Solange
  3. Tracey Chapman
  4. Ameli Sande
I could add a buttload more but I will leave it at that.

Big Love,

Falala Mele

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