Tuesday, November 6, 2012

NYC: Sugarcane, Brooklyn

I have been meaning to share my pics from our night at Sugarcane for a really long time. Work combined with the Aussie Curves fun has meant that my limited free time was given to things other than my NY summer adventure recount.

This is another one of our adventures with the Trini-Sissys Gabby and Candice. They wanted to take us to SUGARCANE  to experience some authentic Caribbean cuisine (it's voted the best in New York). I swear they are Brooklyn's best tour guides. Full of knowledge about cool places, great food and they are just sooooo much fun. 

They insisted we try the callaloo and oxtail OHHHHHHMYGAWSSSSH and the sorrel martinis in JUGS (uh huh that's how the Sissys do it) were the perfect antidote to the hot balmy weather. The atmosphere was cooooool. It was full of people and conversation and the DJ played songs I could only dream about hearing in an Australian club. Hat off to you Sugarcane. You do your food well.

I had big ideas to straighten my hair and wear it down and have my sheer black over sized blouse buttoned up to the top BUT it was too hot! As I walked from my hotel to the train, UP went the hair. As I sat on the train I loosened my buttons. SMH. Oh well what can you do. I'm not going to melt trying to save my intended look. Sometimes you just have to change it up to enjoy the place / event at the time and I did have the best night with my lovely New Yorkers and Aussie sisters.

Oxtail / Callaloo / Coconut Rice  
Mele, Gabby & Theresa

Chris, Gabby, Theresa, Ruth and I 

What I wore: I picked up this sheer over-sized black button-up blouse in St. Marys. I went to get my eyelashes done at 4 Seasons Beauty (they are the best) and there was free clothes at the street fair.  FREE CLOTHES? HELL YES! My sister and I found a few pieces and we thought we should leave some for other people but they insisted that we take all we wanted because they have too much stuff. COOL HUH?                            I found these yellow tights at Kmart. I REALLLLY wanted a pair of yellow shorts before my first US trip and I didn't find any.  So when I saw these I was like "YES I finally get my yellow shorts". I cut these and they did the job just fine.                            Had to wear my faithful chucks because we were trekking all over the New York catching trains and walking to and from places.

Thinking about all my friends in New York. I hope you are all well. I miss you guys xo

Big Love,

Falala Mele xo


  1. Take me back puh-leeeeeeeeeeeeease!!! :) x

  2. you look like having a great time, right?? ;-)

    Love, Ylenia from Longuette

  3. yes I love everything about New York esp. Brooklyn :)