Thursday, November 8, 2012

Navabi Curvy Blog Voting Open Now

Hi lovely ones,

So the buzz around the thick blogosphere is the Navabi Curvy Blog Competition.

If you have been away sipping cocktails on a tropical island without any internet access and you don't know what it's all about; basically it's a chance for you guys to vote for your favourite plus size blogs out there. There are over 100 blogs and it's cool because you can vote for all of your favourite blogs.

I haven't even had the opportunity to sit down and look around at all the blogs but I plan to do that this weekend. YESSSSSS so excited to be staying at home this weekend (must be getting old).

So how does it work?

The top 10 blogs who receive the most votes will be shortlisted and judged by fashion designer Anna Scholz, VOGUE CURVY editor and international curvy model Elisa D’Ospina, international top model Fluvia Lacerda and the Navabi fashion team and the winner will get the unbelievable prize of attending London Fashion Week. YEAH BUUDY!

Now my blog is such a baby in comparison to all these established and heavily followed blogs but I think its a great opportunity to see what the other ladies are doing and the type of communities they are building so I can make my blog better for you guys.

I would be eternally grateful (and I don't mean to make a habit of asking you readers to vote for me all the time because I know your time is precious) but I would appreciate it if you could find the time to vote for FALALA MELE. If I have written or shared anything of value and you think it could be cool to see me over in London then please look for me (I am10 on the list of blogs) vote for me HERE along with your other favourites. 

Biggest Love,

Falala Mele

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