Friday, November 23, 2012

Aussie Curves:15 week roundup

Hello lovely ones,

Just a quick post here. At the moment I'm in Adelaide for my nieces 4th birthday. Finished work yesterday, chucked everything in the car and BOOM! I'm waking up to my 3 nieces running around my brothers house. Anyways I have been busy again with school work and reports SMH. and I haven't had a chance to find anything strapless. When I packed to move to Mildura I took a whole heap of warm clothes because it gets sooooo cold and I left most of my summer wardrobe at home at the South Coast so my choices are non existent at the moment.

But I have come accustomed to my weekly curves submission and I thought I'd do a 15 week round up (geeeeeeze time flies when you're having fun) of the past 15 weeks worth of fun.

If you're a brilliant mathematician you will notice that there are not 15 pics here and that's because I didn't know about the Aussie Curves challenge until it had already started. The first weeks topic was Boots and the second was Bold Nails (from memory). I missed the first week but I had an outfit with boots and leggings on the third so I figured it made up for it.

What's your favourite outfit here? I think I like my skirts one the best. 

Hope you are all well. Enjoy your weekend.

Big love,

Falala Mele.


  1. I Love all of them! But the second Outfit is the best for me. Love the Colours, the patterns, and your smile.

  2. I like the pastels dress. The colours are so pretty on you. Well done on the challenge; some great pics/outfits!

  3. So many outfits I can't even choose a favorite but I'll tell you what?! You killed this challenge honey and I miss you!