Saturday, July 28, 2012

The Gush Chase

Dancing away with Candice at the African Arts Festival. 

Dear Readers,

How are you all? While I was away in New York I received an invitation to enter the The Gush Chase Competition to be an Australian influencer. It's a pretty amazing competition that will give me the opportunity to be in the running to cover the Gush 2012 concert in San Francisco and to interview The Cab, Hellogoodbye and Mayday Parade :)

So it's a pretty big deal for me. I love live music and it would be the dopest shit ever to go back to America so soon! So if you have a twitter PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE follow me. I'm new to all this stuff and as I type this right now I only have 1 twitter followerer :)

So I guess in order for me to be a influencer I need to have people to influence. Anyways if you could follow me on twitter then that would be cool. I also need people to follow back so I will return the favor. Anyways whatever happens, I'm seriously honored that they took the time out to email me about it.

Whatever will be will be I guess.

This was the last festival I attended in Brooklyn.
Hopefully I can make it to San Francisco.
Promise I will take HEAPS of pics and get all the good shit for you guys!
How can you lovely people help me? I would appreciate it from the bottom of my big old heart if you could do the following:

  1. Go to My Gush Cloud and create an account and subscribe.
  2. If you could show some  love to my picture posts each interaction helps my chances. There is only just over a week left and I need more than 25 subscribers to beat the leader for Australia at the moment. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE with a cherry on top
  3. Follow me on twitter (the button is on the right side bar)


Big Love,

Falala Mele xo


  1. done! sending cosmic powers to you to win!

  2. Good luck!
    I don't have a twitter but I will share this with my tweeting friends!

  3. thank you, thank you my lovely ones. I appreciate it loads xo I guess I gotta be in it to win it although I am really late at getting into it...But either way it's a bit of fun I guess