Wednesday, July 25, 2012

NYC day 2 wanderings

 What I wore:

Over sized sheer black blouse- Free at a Easter Church Clothes drive in St. Marys. They had piles of clothes and insisted we take all we wanted. I walked away with a lot of great stuff that day.

Shorts- Kmart tights cut to length $10

Chains- Thrifted $3

Glasses- Specsavers $99

Shoes- Converse $30

We walked around EVERYWHERE from Battery Park,   the old WTC area, Staten Island Ferry, and we walked all the WAY back to the hotel.

It was nice just being there. Remembering everything from last year and experiencing it with another friend and showing her the places we had already been.

It was HOT but we loved every ounce of the sunshine.
Hope all the US readers are still enjoying their summer <3

 Day 2

So we awoke early after arriving at 9:30pm into New York. We were met at the airport by a group of people asking where we needed to go and if we wanted a lift. Some big burly guy was like "Mami you want a taxi I got you a taxi right here" and this other big teddy bear looking guy jumps outta a big black shinny SUV or something (I'm useless when it comes to identifying cars) but I stepped back with attitude and I'm like "this is not a cab" and I looked at my sister for approval.....she is usually super quick to say "HELL NO" when she aint down with shit. The driver got a lil offended. The price that we were offered was reasonable (basically the same that everyone and online sources suggested) and in his thick Colombian accent he reckons "up to you if you wanna ride in that piece of shit or not, doesn't bother me what you do".

I sussed out a few things before I made the decision
1) He probably doesn't wanna kill me if he is getting offended because we are rejecting his big fancy car
2) If he did wanna kill me; could I take him out?

After weighing up the fact that he looked like an out-of-breath teddy bear and the fact that if I slammed my hand into his nose I could have blinded/hurt him enough to get away....we jumped in the car.

Don't cringe.

If you haven't already realised we made it home alive :) We found out that Diego is a Colombian born, late 30's American citizen who resides in Queens, takes care of his sick mother, drives a fancy black car around and is currently trying to lower his cholesterol by eating better. We chatted and swapped diet tips all the while Ruth was falling in love with New York and the city lights and Theresa was recording our conversations for evidence and trying to catch his reflection in the rear view mirror in case he tried anything funny.

Well our friendly driver asked our ages, names and suggested I take off my winter cardigan because it was hot (but by this time I didn't want to have to carry another thing so I left it on). After a few little jokes about how we could be his girlfriends and an offer to go to some island for the Fourth of July we were finally at our hotel off 53rd and Lexington. And so began our second summer love affair with New York.

We showered and wandered around. Got pizza and went to bed after buying a ridiculous amount of junk food from Walgreens. We slumbered for a few hours and awoke to all this (refer to pictures). Day 2 was spent wandering around; only this time in sunshine, earning blisters, chatting to a guy known as Antonio who looked like someone off New Jack City (and claimed to go to FIT) trying to get my sisters number for his friend, Lady Liberty, open top cruises and pretty flowers. See that's why I love NY. All this within a matter of hours.
Staten Island Ferry and Lady Liberty

Big Love,

Falala Mele xo


  1. Love it!
    You are a great writer Mele.... Truly.
    LOL at him looking like a teddy bear.
    If he tried to violate, I know you guys would've handled it. LOL
    Miss you loads!

  2. hola there diego! lol wow, you gurls set the right foot off for adventure! your holiday pictures makes new york look like a little town in europe - gorgeous, quaint and picturesque! usually i imagine new york with tall buildings and traffic. gimme more more more! ;)

  3. @Gabrielle yeah we woulda violated him right back!

    Jiji: Thanks Jiji :) Yeah we were in awe of Times Square last year....just the size and the lights and the buzz but we were lucky to get out of Manhattan and hang out at Brooklyn lots. YAY for the best blog followers ever! Gosh I wanna come to Malaysia. My friend was there during the holidays and I was like "oh my friend lives there

  4. You are so cute, Looks like you had a good time <3. I was thinking of going to New-York this summer.

    I am following, Please follow me back at

  5. I am going to New York in October! Cannot wait so if you have any recommendations please send them my way lol!

    Love your blog you have such gorgeous style! x

    Callie x

  6. Really?? I am so jealous! Are you going for a holiday? How long for? Ummm I dunno I think it might be getting cooler maybe pack some warmer clothes....but i definitely loved getting outside of manhattan :) I have a good set of posts lined up so hopefully you find some places you would like to visit from them.

  7. wow. your outfit looks very nice and cute. i liek your blog. is very good <3

  8. Callie darling, I am here for you! LOL.
    What would you like to know to prepare for your trip?

  9. Such pretty pictures! I love your outfit SO CUTE! xo

  10. thank you have the same name as my niece ;)

  11. Fantastic photographs missy!