Saturday, July 28, 2012

Day 3 NYC wanderings

So cool and comfortable in my family reunion shirt. What a life saver :)

Dress: Thrifted $3 / Socks: Rivers $2 / Shoes: Converse $50 / Belt: Gifted from Amra Jewellery: Thrifted

Hello lovely ones, How are you all? I thought I better keep the posts coming while I'm on a roll because I just realised (I know I'm slow right) that I still have a mountain of posts waiting to publish. I have numerous old outfit shots, loads of photos from my second trip to Samoa, gigs I have attended and even family functions and events where I went interstate and overseas. I'm so bad I only just started sharing my old New York photos from last year. So I better keep posting now or I will never do it.

This was day 3 of our NYC summer adventure. We woke up early and walked to the top of the Rock from our hotel. I wore this adorable summer dress I found at Mickey and Mallory's for $3. I couldn't wait to wear it because I found it just before winter had hit at home. It is really bright and light; two of my favourite things :) We ate giant pretzels, turkey and cranberry sandwiches and loads of water. It was sooooo hot that day. I packed an extra shirt (it's my most favourite t-shirt and I ordered it online for my family reunion that was held in New Zealand last still to come >,< ) and I'm glad I did because after roaming around I just wanted to be cool and comfortable so this cotton shirt was a lifesaver. We went to the museum of natural history and we ate hot dogs outside of Grand Central park while waiting for our bus. Chatted to some lovely old folk from Canada and posed with a ridiculous amount of wax statues and played in Ripley's haunted house tunnel. To avoid being scared for real my sister just started screaming like she was being murdered so the scary people wouldn't come and touch her. I thought it was funny and I pushed Ruth to the front so that if the scary people were coming to get us, they'd at least get her first.
 Good friend aye ;)

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Big Love,

Falala Mele xo


  1. You look really cute! Great photos. It's been so hot over here in NYC. Ugh!


  2. I love the strpes dress, cant believe its thrifted, so so cute xx

    1. thank you! I know I was so happy when I picked it up and only $3....YEAH BUDDY! Thanks for reading xo

  3. wow, i've never thought of bringing and extra cotton shirt when it gets too hot. i have been caught in situations that i almost fainted because of the heat. thanks for the tip!

  4. @lilith: Thank you :) Yes it was VERY hot....but now I'm back in Australia and it's too cold...I wish it were hot over here....counting down waiting for summer in Oz to vein!

    @jiji: lol seriously that shirt saved my life! My dress was comfy but that big tee was just sooooo cool and I felt so relaxed once I changed....definitely a life saver and I carried another one on the 4th of was again the best thing.

  5. love that thrifted stripes dress when you are tired of it send it to nashville lol. I will put it to good use. I never would have thought that was a family reunion tee very cute with the sneaks....i need to go to nyc sounds like yall have having so much fun.

  6. laughing at Ruth getting so scared and shitting her pants when we first went into the scary house!! :)

  7. laughing at Ruth shitting her pants and getting so frightened when we first walked in the scary house! :D