Sunday, October 16, 2011

BNNM update. thank you AMRA!

Hello lovely ones, how are you? I just wanted to share something with you all. Last week some time I received an email from Amra. I had never spoken to Amra before but she informed me that she was a reader of the blog and that she really liked the whole Buy Nothing New Month challenge. She asked if she could send me a few items.

 I was so touched by her kind gesture. She wanted to contribute to the cause by sending me a few thrifted items that she thought I would like. I really wanted to send her something in return to say thank you, but she insists that her cupboard is full and that I pay it forward to someone else. I have already contacted one of my readers to see if she would be interested in me sending her something. I hope she agrees to it because I would like someone else to experience the generosity and kindness that was bestowed upon me.

 What makes this even more special is that Amra gave me things that were special to her. She wasn't just getting rid of old stuff. She gave me this beautiful vintage bag that she bought in the US (she thought I would love it since I have a new found love for that place) and look and the belt, she picked that up in Japan a few years ago. The dress reminded her of an old favourite teacher and since I am a teacher she passed it onto me. Words cannot express how wonderful you are Amra. Your beautiful card is sitting up on my bookshelf and I promise you I will snap a few pics when I wear these wonderful items.

I started this challenge because I thought it would be fun to see if I could do it, but I have gotten so much more out of it. My friends, family and I are much better and buying things we need rather than buying what we want. I enjoy saving money and finding beautiful and unique clothes and household items. I enjoy telling everyone around me to join the challenge and I really enjoy hearing their stories about what they have found and what they are planning to donate to second hand stores (yes they all have been cleaning out their closets and cupboards and donating them to the stores in the hope that someone else might find it useful). I am also enjoying what other fellow bloggers from all over the world are wearing from second hand/ thrifted stores. I will eventually post up links to their blogs. This has been so much fun and Amra, you have topped it off. THANK YOU once again.

Big Love,

Falala Mele


  1. Hellos lovely, I found your blog through Kiah,so I came to pay you a visit and tell you how much I like you and your blog.

  2. Mele! The pictures look fantastic! It was my pleasure! and I think you are doing an awesome job with BNNM! I'm so glad you like the goods, I'm sure you will rock them with your usual unique style! Amra

  3. omg mele!

    thats so awesome! love the whole thought and gesture of giving something freely (no strings attached) and not expecting anything back!! i too want to spread the love.


  4. How sweet of her to send you stuff! These are gorgeous items, and I can't wait for pics of you wearing them!

    ♥ laura
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  5. What gorgeous goodies! Amra did good, thats for sure. I love this challenge, and I think its giving us readers the privledge of some of your best posts ever. I must say that any post or challenge that brings people together and gets them to do their own take on it always is top quality blogging!

  6. Thank you ladies... Yes! she truly is awesome. I can't wait to send my stuff on!!!
    Jiji: Yeah girl! go on and spread the love!!

  7. That is such a lovely thing to do! and she sent some wonderful things. I'm going to a vintage fair on sunday and I can not wait! hoping to find some wonderful things :)

  8. that purse is so freaking pretty Meles and I love the floral print skirt! great finds indeed :D