Thursday, October 20, 2011

BNNM exhibition meet

Last Thursday I met up with my friends for the post-America exhibition. My friends did a variety of water colours, photography and film based on our exciting travels. Sadly I my photo book had not arrived and I didn't have time to print off anything to display either. How sad! But it was good to catch up with my lovely girls.
Do you remember Rhianon? She is my Second Hand/Thrift store Queen. I told her about the challenge of BNNM. I think she said she is going to enter. Look at that AMAZING jacket!
Lastly Emma and I. Sorry this is the best outfit post I could find. All second hand or old. I missed Harlem so I thought I would wear something that made me feel like I was there again. Which reminds me. I still have so many OOTD posts from my trip. I will put up my Harlem ones later this week! Hope you are all well (p.s. my reader said she wanted to participate so its full steam ahead at paying it forward!) I will also keep you updated when I post the package.

Falala Mele xo


  1. Gorgeous outfits all round!! I especially like your jacket, like the colours on you! Seriously though, everytime you post you make me wish I'd been there....if you can bottle up your knack of either having or making it look like a fabulous social life, send me some this way, please!

    But yes, carry on with the brillant BNNM work....although I think it should become BNNY i.e Buy Nothing New Year if all the posts are going to be this good!

  2. omg ladies! you look fabulous harlem misses u back!


  3. oh me oh my that jacket.....FABULOUS!!!

  4. that blazer is giving me life!!!

  5. hiya mele,

    i'm so loving the blues on you and your sis! i've not shown any love to blues because i kinda thought it doesn't flatter my skin tone but i did get an electric blue top and received compliments for it :)


  6. hey Jiji....yeah I don't usually go out of my way to look for this colour but since the BNNM started I have tried some different things. I just liked the detailing on the sleeves so that's why I brought it. Pretty sure it was $5 :D

    Yay for you and your electric blue!!