Monday, October 31, 2011

BNNM Jersey Boys Outfits x 4

If you are a regular reader then you may have heard me rave on about the show "Jersey Boys", sorry to those loyal readers....just letting you know I am about to talk about it again. I will keep it brief and just say that I had to go and see it again because it was my cousin Niva's birthday and she so desperately wanted to see it.

I wasn't sure if it was possible, but I walked out of the show loving it even more. I am one of those people who really enjoy watching people react to things that I know they would enjoy and this was no exception.

In honour of BNNM I asked my sister and two cousins to try and source their outfits from a second hand source rather than spending up big in our local shopping centres for an afternoon out in the city.

My cousins and sisters have been on board with BNNM but they haven't had much of a chance to document their finds and or outfits.

But because we all managed to wear NOTHING NEW we had to take a few shots.

My sister Theresa is wearing a borrowed dress (it's mine. I got this from a free pile that was in a second hand shop. Its fabric is stretchy and it is a wrap around so its super comfortable). Jacket is borrowed but it is also second hand. I wore this jacket the last time I went to see Jersey Boys.

I am wearing a dress I found in Nowra. It was $3.50 and I liked the colour and cut of the dress. The flowy bottom makes me feel like a lady :P I picked up these delightful glasses for $2 at St Vinnies as well as my bag (although you can't see it) and I'm wearing my old faithful boots. 
Can we all take a moment to drool over my cousin Niva's dress? This is the birthday girl and she wore a dress she found at the local second hand store. I LOVE the colour and cut. Doesn't she look divine? This is something different for her but she was so delighted to receive compliments from strangers admiring her dress. I can say that this challenge encouraged us to try different things we wouldn't normally consider wearing.
Tashia also found this coloured floral blouse and I think this set her back $2. She wore her basic black shorts with those pretty beads. We all smiled as we strutted through the city knowing that our outfits were unique and under $10. Who would have thought that BNNM would feel so damn good!

My other cousin Natasha (the one in the stripes) is super keen to bring along her best friend Joan on our next second hand shopping adventure. People seem really amazed as to what we find and how we wear them.

Today is officially the last day of the challenge. I think I have a few more posts to upload on the BNNM challenge but I wanted to say thank you to everyone who left comments and or inspired me to continue with the challenge. It truly was so much fun and even though the challenge is officially over I still have many amazing second hand finds ready to go with my on my next trip to Samoa (only 4 days to go >,<). I can't wait to show you them!

Niva, Natasha, Tashia, Joan & Mele

Here they are again <3 Joan, Natasha, Niva, Theresa and Tashia

We finished off the day by heading to Star City for some delicious dinner and dessert. By the time we left our tummies were full and it was just the right temperature to wind our windows down and sing on the top of our lungs to The Wanted and One Direction... LOL! You can only get away with that type of music when you are with your girls.

Big Love,

Falala Mele


  1. OK You look adorable! Niva's dress is to die for! So jelly that you got to see Jersey Boys! I want to see a Broadway show so badly! Kiah

  2. Awwww Theresa looks gorgeous in that plum blazer and you look beautiful in floral!

    I know how much you love Jersey Boys and I am glad you had a blast w. your beautiful girls :)

    Miss u!


  3. Oh Kiah I have no doubt that you will get to Broadway...You will be wide eyed just as I was!

    Daisy: Miss you too! I just finished making a photo book from the trip and I was looking at some of our crazy pics!

  4. Yet again an array of fabulous outfits....I agree with that the plum blazer and then abundance of florals are to die for! Also the birthday girl looks suitably fabulous as per the birthday event rules dictate!

    I am too dying to go to Broadway at some point....I've been lucky to go to the West End in London a few times, but I think there has nothing on Broadaway in terms of spectacle!

  5. This fit is so cas yet very chic! You and your friends have great style! Chakayla

  6. Thank you Chakayla! You are too sweet!

    I have been to the West End aswell and it is just as dope! But I think that's cause Im a newly converted musical junkie! I caught WICKED and Sister Act when I was over there...both AMAZING shows!

  7. lovely dress!!! compliments you a lot sweetie... you guys are sooo gorgeous!!!! love love love you all... kissess!!!

  8. You look FAB! Love Love Love your dress! Super cute! I agree with guys look GORGE!