Monday, October 3, 2011

BNNM Kick off! Out in Sydney with nothing new on.....

Helloooo Readers! How are you all? I'm very excited to have started October with the Buy Nothing New Month challenge. I'm happy because I have had some time to visit so local Opshops and I have found some wonderful pieces that I'm excited to wear. This weekend I had some long overdue family time. We spent it on the Sydney Harbour celebrating my little cousin's 21st birthday. A very fun Aqua Latino Cruise. My cousin Tashia decided to join the challenge as well. So we both sourced our outfits from second hand stores and old items we had in our cupboards. On occasions where we all meet up together us girls usually meet up for a little shop before hands, but Sia and I were ready with our second hand finds!!!

I found this amazing top only a few days ago and it cost me a whole $2.50. I loved the colour, the collar and the texture of this piece. Its definitely a bold piece and I basically kept everything else very simple. Red for some contrast and boots for some height (I'm a shorty) and attitude. So my bag, and blouse were thrifted. Boots and black slip dress were old. So that's my first outfit....nothing new.... my next few outfits will probably be casual. I hoped you liked my first BNNM outfit. If you are inspired to see what you can do with your old and second hand items, please forward me your pictures to my email address and a link to your blog so I can share it with my fellow readers.

Tashia's dress was $3.50, her amazing green blazer was $2.50 (she sourced her items from Sydney's midnight markets (second hand items galore!) and she had those shoes sitting in her cupboard (she has a serious retail problem so I think this is a good challenge for her). But doesn't she look amazing!

Tashia & I in our second hand outfits <3

 How beautiful are my cousins? We had so much fun together!! I hope you are all well and that you are saving some dollars by buying only necessary items and having fun sourcing items from second hand shops. I have found some wonderful clothes and household items already. I will try and share them with you if time permits.

Until next time....have an amazing week!

Big Love,

Falala Mele xo


  1. That challenge sounds so awesome! I wish I had opted for that instead of a full-out shopping ban! You both got such amazing pieces! I am really loving that gorgeous aquamarine/ teal color on you!
    ♥ laura

    the blog of worldly delights

  2. Girl I love your shirt! So so FANCY FANTASTIC!! Love the color on you. I am also on a no buy challenge this month! WE CAN DO IT!! haha Your entire crew looks gorgeous! Kiah

  3. Your thrifted items are amazing! And please tell Tashia I need that blazer like yesterday!

  4. YAY Kiah!! Can I copy a photo from your thrifted outfits and put it on my blog please? I will link it back to your page!! I think it will be heaps of fun!

    Fashion Pad: I KNOW! Im so jealous of that colour

    Laura:Yes I think an all out ban would be hard. I was in the shops on Saturday and I was about to buy these beautiful cheap gold necklace but my sister was like "UM today is the first of october!" so I had to leave it there....its harder than I thought it would be because you forget about all the little things you find and buy..But I walked away! So far so good!

  5. Gorgeous outfit! See, if I could find an endless supply of thrift shops that had stuff that could fit me, I'd totally join in with your challenge, alas my home town isnt really known for its vintage shopping, and most of the charity shops we've got are sparse on the ground when it comes to plus size clothing (I reckon its because they're staffed by larger older ladies, so they keep all the bigger items to themselves!!).

    That being said, I've been known to have a serious retail problem in the past too, so have been trying to wear what I've got, rather than buy anything new....probably will totally crack over the next few weeks though as have far too many social occassions to not!

    Love the last picture, everyone looks so lovely and like a good time was being had by all!!

  6. that colour is so in! good find mele! nice accent with the pendant too. i also love tasha's dress, with that blazer, its so now! sooooo creative! i loike :)
    ps i love your extended family! they look super awesome and cute too xx

  7. wow! Meles that top is a real steal, you look so beautiful and I LOVE your friends green blazer. So fun and original your family is gorgeous hehe :D

    I want to start this challenge but maybe sometime next month since I've already bought something new this week :X


  8. You have the best fashion sense! :) And you and your cousins are beautiful!

    Thanks for the sweet comment on my blog yesterday. I always love to hear from you! Have a great weekend. :D

    <3 Miranda

  9. Hey Mele!!! Love your outfit!!! and your friend Tasha is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO FIERCE!!! Sure, I'd love to be featured in your new post. Let me know what I have to do!!!

  10. i'm obsessed with bright blue and bright green right now- literally just decorated my dining and living room in those colors. love your outfits. the bright red lips go really well with the bright blue top.

  11. You girls look like you had a great time! I'm loving both of the top outfits. Love love love the pretty colors. I especially love the price! ;-)

  12. Hey Doll!!!! I have been commenting like crazy!! That shirt?? *FAINTS* i need it in my life!