Saturday, September 17, 2011

7 reasons to buy nothing new!

Bonjour ladies....just wanted to share with you my first challenge I have chosen to join.
 I often see some of my favourite bloggers participate in challenges and I always thought that I would like to do something like that one day..... Well while browsing Fashion Hayley I came across something that I really want to do.... Its Australia's Buy Nothing New Month this October and I'm really excited about it!

Growing up I never had ANY MONEY!!! So now that I am older, I just refuse to pay absurd amounts of money on anything really. I shop second hand for 7 reasons:

So here are my 7 reasons why you should also join in
        and BNN this October

  1. the cuts of vintage clothes are so flattering
  2. the colours/patterns are the bomb
  3. its like a never ending treasure hunt
  4. no one else will be wearing your shit!
  5. it's good for the environment 
  6. it's so damn cheap (WIN WIN!)
  7. You could win some money whilst saving money! I think its for Australian residents only :(
On my last visit to the Salvos store in Young, they a $2 garbage bag special....YEYAHHHH my favourite.... I haven't had a chance to wear any of my finds...but as soon as I do, I post them. I am also encouraging all my friends and family members to join the challenge.

I know some of my favourite bloggers a thrift store QUEENS so if you wanted to join the challenge and make it a little more fun maybe you could email me your outfits so I can share them on here with my followers for Buy Nothing New Month in October 2011. I am also wanting to make a video or something so if you are keen....HOLLA!!!

Big Love,

Falala Mele xo


  1. What a great challenge and I love your reasons for thrifting! Mine are the same! Kiah

  2. I could do with trying this, I've been buying loads lately, but I already have a shopping trip planned for October haha xxx

  3. OMG, Meles what a superb challenge girl, your reasons are especially true girl <33


    P.S. Did you get my email?

  4. It´s great Idea.
    We don´t have something like that in Germany, but it´s a big challenge for me to buy nothing new. So I cant participate It, but maybe I do the Challenge just for me to save Money.

    xoxo Mia