Tuesday, September 13, 2011

queen of hearts

On the weekend we dressed up for the beautiful Alexandra's birthday. It was so cold so I had to find something that was warm but still in theme. Queen of hearts was easy....a few pack of cards, some liquid eyeliner and lipstick and voila! Dressed to theme in under $10. Check out her delicious sweets.

We had fun dancing around, popping balloons with darts and singing Womack and Womack's "Teardrops". My sister was Pocahontas the birthday girl was the one and only Minnie Mouse and Kate was Snow White. There were various characters but I didn't manage to get many shots of the crowd. Too busy being silly I guess dancing around like lunatics. I love dress up parties. I should find all my old dress up pics to share with you guys. I love doing it on a budget as well. All you need is a little creativity! 

Snow White was a little cold. But she looked adorable.

Big Love,

Falala Mele xo


  1. Ahh, I heart this! What a fun idea, and your Queen of Hearts look is sexy, practical and to the point. Brilliant.

  2. this post have left me drooling again lol
    its so nice to have a themed party like this. aww i wish i was there :) gosh! now i want to suggests this to my girlfriends lol

  3. wowsers....that looks like it was such fun! See, I love fancy dress parties, but they dont love me....I'm not inventive enough to come up with a fabulously quirky outfit....

    The food looks amazing, and 'Teardrops' is one of my favourite songs!! I can see why there arent more pictures of people, thats always a sign of a great party...totally wish I'd been there, looks like a great evening!

  4. I love what you did for your costume! Super simple and adorable.

    Joy to the World

  5. Awe Mele you look so cute! I love your eye and body work! AMAZING! You are so so pretty girl! Kiah

  6. What great costume ideas! those cake pops look so good, I think I'm obsessed with trying them.

    You make a mean eyeliner Mel's very freaking cute :)


  7. Ohhh yummy!!! Very cute!! Looks like fun times. I'm a new follower!


    Twitter @fashionpad

  8. Want something sweet now :(


  9. Hand over the cupcakes and no one gets hurt.. lol..:-)

  10. Those cupcakes look super delicious! And don't you just love the costumes that are so easy and cheap to come up with? One of my favorite costumes I have ever done was a Jane of the Jungle costume I came up with using a leopard print dress I already had, accessorizing with a fake vine from on top of our kitchen cabinets, and just spending like $5 on a few hair flowers from a costume store.

  11. Great party ! Your costume and the cakes are beautiful !

  12. oh my word, I LOVE this whole idea! It's fantabulous! From the face art to the cards to the CUPCAKES!
    ♥ laura

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