Wednesday, September 29, 2010

stitch it

most annoying thing? Being seen in the same clothes as someone else...... EWWW.... kill my life..... I would rather go and find some cool material and stitch something up myself....its soooo easy.... and cheaper.... and a better way to ensure that you wont be caught out in wearing something that someone else has.... Moral to the story? Invest in a machine..... and make something!

ps...I love sunglasses.... just thought I'd share that one with you :)

Ready for disco?

I made my dress....Pulu is wearing a peice from the Expression range

 Both skirts made by me... colourful material found at Cabramatta for about $2 a meter and the blue material was about $3 a meter at spotlight.... Both mine....but we steal each others clothes....

I just love the vibrancy of these outfits. Pulu's skirt was found and brought as a beach dress and was altered to shorten the length of the skirt to enhance the look of a dress. Oh and indian sweets are the serious bidness!!! Yum

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