Tuesday, September 28, 2010

my new baby.... you can call her Falala Mele

Oh..... how very exciting....my very own blog.... Yes, I know right...where have I been? Actually I have been out in the bush for the year....I graduated last year you see...so I am a new teacher.... and I guess I didnt want to go back to fimiliar surroundings after graduation (onto bigger and better things! I think that was the idea behind my decision) so I accepted a position on the other side of the country...you aussies should know the "I've been everywhere man" Meekatharra version (If not..... youtube it)? Well I live and teach about 45kms outside of Meekatharra.... pretty much in the middle of nowhere... I teach at an Aboriginal Christian boarding school.... and aside from missing my family and friends who reside in and around Sydney... I REALLY REALLY REALLY miss the shops....(arghhhh I love shopping) and the opportunity to dress up whenever I can...*sad face*..... I adore dressing up and going out with my friends and sisters......I love nothing more than to give people makeovers.... I just do....makeup, hair, fashion and styling... I love it all....if you are one of those girls who are too shy to wear what you want, or too afraid to wear something a little louder than usual.... than I dare you to DO IT!!! Rock tha shit out of it......its all about attitude....

And yes, I am laughing out loud right now, because I'm writing this as if people are reading it...
when clearly NO ONE IS.... yet....

I really believe in the empowerment of feeling beautiful....
When you look beautiful.... you feel beautiful.... and my darling, you are beautiful..........so very beautiful.

I'm chucking on a few pics of me and my prettyfulz friends..... 
These pics are from my Graduation Banquet last year.

Moala, Mele, Lisa, Jadie, Betty, Pulu, Aimee and Emma

My beauitiful sister Theresa, but every one calls her Pulu

Lisa and Jycica enjoying their meal and the candlelight

Oh and how could I forget.... I am all about the BUDGET! You can look beautiful without spending hundreds!! I have been a struggling uni student for the past 4 years.....and I am the second youngest in a family with 8 brothers and sisters....you gotta know how to look after those precious pennies!


Skirt: I made it ;)
Earings and Lipstick: Gloss

Many blessings,

Falala Mele

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