Thursday, January 1, 2015

Super Sundays in London + Christmas Jumpers

Primark Christmas Jumper & Beanie / City Chic Striped Blouse
Primark Christmas Jumper / Thrifted Denim Button Up from Camden Markets

Amongst the grind of teaching full time in London (I'm telling you the load is ridiculous) we found a that weekends were over as soon as Friday night was over. So in order to make the most of our weekends, we decided to get up early on Sundays and get all over the town. London is quiet on Sundays so you are able to take photos without another million other people in your pictures.

Never having experienced a Christmas during winter before, we were ridiculously excited to purchase and wear some festive Christmas jumpers. I was surprised at how cool all of the jumpers were and how reasonably priced they were. All jumpers were purchased from Primark and even though we didn't plan it, we managed to visit Big Ben, The National Gallery, The Tate Modern and St. Paul's Cathedral all in one Super Sunday.

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