Thursday, January 1, 2015

Merry UK Christmas

Just wanted to share a few snaps from our Christmas in London. It's honestly so weird to be away from our family during this time, because we absolutely adore Christmas at home where things are warm and evenings are spent outdoors by the ocean. In London you have to walk to the supermarket in coats and beanies but you can carry a real Christmas tree back with your groceries. 

In London, there's not enough seats to sit on in your flat so you eat your Christmas dinner on your couch with your friends, who have also decided to leave home for a while and test out living abroad. 
There's not a selection of roast meats and seafoods, but you can still manage to celebrate the holiday season with Skype sessions to family members back in Australia and a humble roast chicken. 

After lunch we played a few fun rounds of 'Heads Up' and went for a walk to show the new girl around Leyton. Christmas in London was cool, we got to spend it with Emma, reconnect old friends and make new ones. I hope you had a wonderful meal with loved ones or new friends. I did, and it's all apart of this living in London experience, but I also look forward to my next Christmas with my family back home.