Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Blue Rain

Just a super quick post cause I've been so MIA lately. SORRY GUYS! The start of the academic year has my life owned. I have so much to prepare and get sorted. PLUS I've been helping my school harvest the sultana grapes. The more we sell the more money our school gets so I gotta help out you know ;)

Anyways I wore this to church last Sabbath. So super quick. Chucked on my H&M black basic dress and livened it up a little with my beautiful vintage jacket. It's light and it's bold so it was a perfect option to wear to church. Respectable length and all round COOL design. I love the gold embroidery around the pattern. It was thrifted for about $3.00.

Jacket: Thrifted / Dress: H&M / Shoes: Target / Glasses: Equip / Earrings: Thrifted

Big Love,

Falala Mele


  1. still love your blog and your great great colourful pictures.

    nessi from hungary