Thursday, February 7, 2013

Aussie Curves Swimwear

Happy Hump Day Everyone! I'm excited to be back in the Aussie Curves swimwear challenge this week. I have been extremely busy with work and life in general but I have some photos that I wanted to share with you all.

So swimwear yeah? Well I love swimming. When there's water I'm usually there. I'm blessed enough to have some of the most beautiful beaches surrounding me and in the last few years I've been in some pretty amazing places. So when it comes to swimming I dress for practicability. I have a few pair of swimmers in my drawers because I'm in love with the idea of swimwear but in the real world this is what I usually wear. Tights, singlets, bras, t-shirts or whatever else I have on me when I'm out and about and I happen to find somewhere nice to swim.

Lalo Manu Beach Samoa
I climbed down this ladder to swim in To Le Sua Trench Samoa. I was scared but it was amazing

Covering our bodies with the rich clay from the clay hole at Wreck Bay ACT
Summercloud Beach ACT

Down I go!

I slid down these sliding rocks too! Literally had to swear at myself to do it. 

I went down the second set of sliding rocks. It was harder to climb up the mossy rocks because there was no path.

Wether you wear beautiful swimmers or shirts and shorts when you swim, I hope that you do it more often then not.

Big Love,

Falala Mele


  1. You're so beautiful!
    Your photos are always so vibrant! What camera do you use?

    1. Hey Sophie I have two cameras an olympus pen and and canon S0S . I picked up the canon SLR on sale at harvey norman for like $400 and its really light so I find myself taking that out more than my olympus ;)

  2. dear mele,

    totally miss reading your blogpost. this one makes me wanna hop on a plane and join you guys the next trip to samoa! for real!! lol


  3. Ah that ladder would freak me out! Well done, looks like you had so much fun!!

  4. Beautiful Pics from Samoa, Such a gorgeous country! I was there for a work trip and only had a few days off, so didn't get to try the sliding rocks but would love to if i visit again :)

  5. Love the fun in your pics. Getting down that ladder wouldnt freak me but getting up would

  6. Wow i wish he had cool stuff like this here in the states. Looks so fun!

  7. Youre waaaaaay braver than me. I lived a few minutes from Sliding Rocks Papaseea and I NEVER ever slid down them...too scared! LOL Great pics