Saturday, September 8, 2012

Day 7 NYC: Harlem and Amy Ruth's

Hello Lovely Ones,

How are you all? I have been a bit slack with posting on my New York Summer Adventure because I have been busy with work and a little caught up with the Aussie Curves Challenge (see my Celebrity Copy Cat submission of Solange Knowles HERE) and weekend getaways with my lovely friends. 

But here I am again. Back to share some more of my most deliciously wonderful memories of my summer holiday in New York. This was day 7 and I made arrangements to meet up with my lovely blogger friend Daisy. I was so glad to meet up with her because everyone had such a busy schedule. Deja was flat out with school but it just so happened that the day we planned to wander around Harlem was the very day that her morning was free from classes. COOOOOOOOL!

So on our first visit to New York last year I had plans to go visit a few places to eat.
  1.  Katz's Deli
  2.  Grimaldi's Pizza
  3.  Sylvia's Soul Food

Last year when we were wandering around Harlem we asked a few locals where Sylvia's was and if it was any good. The girl told me that Sylvia's was cool back in the day but everyone eats at Amy Ruth's now. 
So by this time it was getting late and we were all shopped out. Sadly we found the subway before Amy Ruth's so we made our way back to Manhattan before we found our soul food. 

This year however, we promised that we would find Amy Ruth's. It was even more sweeter that Daisy could meet us and have some brunch (aka chicken and waffles) before she started class for the day. It had been a whole long year since we last saw each other. Daisy was looking amazing since she made the pledge to be Fit Fab and Fierce and while we encourage each other weekly with exercise routines and praising healthy choices we promised that we would enjoy our soul food because I was on holiday and this was a special occasion for the both of us. Daisy was my first ever blogger friend and we had such an amazing time meeting her last catch up again was THE BEST! 
I love getting around with the locals especially this lovely lady. She possesses that old school class that is rare these days. Softly spoken and composed and she never seems to be bothered by anything.

"Are you gon' eat chor' coooornbread?" 

Chicken and Waffles. Hot Damn! So delicoious with maple syrup & tobasco sauce :)
Had to try Mac n Cheese with candied yams.
Smothered fried chicken with potato salad and grits.
We ate at 11. Breakfast was over and the lunch rush was starting to come in.

Seriously I was sooooooo excited to make it to Amy Ruth's. I swear I had this ridiculous chingy grin on from the moment the corn bread arrived on the table. For my sister and I, we grew up watching movies like Soul FoodLife & Friday; all with some sort of reference to food and we would drool over it and imagine how good it could really be. 

The verdict? Something so simple as fried chicken and waffles is just really yummy. It was crisp and hot and fresh and workers were friendly and the prices were reasonable too! 

After we finished our lunch, Daisy invited us to come and check out her campus at City College New York. Again all the teen memories of watching all the college frat parties and general college life came flooding back as we walked around feeling like little cool dudes as if we belonged ;)  
Honestly I guess you have to know my sister and I to not think of us as major losers (cause we kinda are). We will happily own that label because we have so much fun being genuinely impressed by silly things we watched in movies when we were younger.

What I wore: I was just extremely excited to being to going Harlem to eat some fried chicken. So amongst all the excitement I didn't get to take a proper outfit shot :(   But I can tell you what I wore.

Basic short tights for comfort, a beautiful fluro patterned top was found at Mickey and Mallory (a FABULOUS OPSHOP in the main street of Nowra) for only $3. It was too tight so I cut up the side hems so I could be comfortable when I wore it. I also wore my cute sunflower hair comb that I picked up for $3 at my new local RSPCA opshop in Mildura. Earrings from Vinnies for $2 and my sisters Converse boots that were $50.

I also got to meet one of Daisy's besties Ashleigh. 

 These ladies are all sorts of smart! Ashleigh is studying medicine while Daisy is studying law.

Girls I hope you are still dominating all your studies! I can't wait to come back and visit you guys again.

And of course the only photo that was in focus of Deja and I was the one where we were pulling funny faces.

Oh well no cool photos for the blog but loads of cool photos for my wall at home and my fridge. These are type of photos you take with your real friends.

Big Love,

Falala Mele xo


  1. hiya mele!
    the food looks delicious, i'm smacking my lips staring at the screen (((yummmmm))) interesting combo like the fried chicken and waffles, so bloody tempting!
    i love anything fluro like your top. just got myself a yellow tank top. been so busy that i haven't had enough time to update my blog :(
    but i make time to read yours :)

    1. HIIIIIII Jiji! you MUST update because I look forward to reading yours! The chicken and waffles is such an american thing....I don't know who else does it. I also wanted to ask about Malaysia cause my friend has been twice and she loves it there and she said flights were always good so I want to come and visit sometime! When is a good time to visit? Just still dreaming about my next trip out of Australia.

      HOW ARE YOU and your gorgeous foodie friends? Can you take us on a foodie tour if we come?

    2. hi mele!
      sorry for the delayed reply, i missed this!

      i live in KL, the capital of Malaysia. it's pretty much sunny all year round. it tends to get wet due to the rain/monsoon season which occurs now sept-dec. but since its the city, there's plenty of things to do to avoid the rain :)

      i would love to be your foodie tour guide lol