Sunday, September 23, 2012

Aussie Curves: Stripes in NYC

Hello lovely ones,

It is officially the start of the school holidays! I have been busy and I crammed every ounce of work I could pull out of my backside in before Friday afternoon. Had pancakes with my lovely girls in Mildura. Slept at 1am. Up at 7am. Packed and started the 12 hour drive from Mildura with my sister. Made it home by 8:30pm. Greeted by my parents and Aunty and have been busy ever since.

Spent yesterday:
6:30am morning stroll with my Mum, Aunty & Snoopy
Picked up my gorgeous baby niece
Spring fair with my Mum, Aunty and sisters
Lunch with my sisters
afternoon snooze (OMG I am living on the edge)
editing US pictures
and a movie marathon (I never get to watch movies and my hard drive is full)

What's coming up:
2 weddings
a graduation
nieces birthday
op shopping raid on all my local spots "HONEEEEEY I'M HOMEEEE"
Lady Antebellum concert
beach time :)
catching up with all my friends <3

Anyways that's where I'm at right now.

This week called for stripes and I just so happened to have an outfit featuring stripes ready to go. I found this top and I loved it for a variety of reasons. I based the rest of the look around  this one piece. I love that it has a high cut around the neck. I have been wearing a lot of that lately. Fell in love with the low cut back. It's nice not hoochie and that's how I like to roll ;)

I combined some of my favourite never-fail combinations with the look and I felt cooooool in my OOTN. The red lips and gold eyes are one of my fave makeup looks. The city chic skirt gave my body extra hips and shape and it allowed the top half of my body to be accentuated by the stripes. One of my favourite New York outfits of this trip :)

So this night we went out to Shadows in Manhattan. Sooooo many funny stories from that night but I guess you just had to be there. NY night scene is on another level. We are so timid here in Australia. Those New Yorkers like to party and it's a good thing cause we do too.

Major thanks to our Trini-Sissys. They took us out and danced the night away. This was our last night in New York. Next afternoon we flew out to Vegas. Danced all night and walked to Maccas for some chicken bites. That was the only thing open and all that dancing made us hungry. Sorry about the poor picture quality. Just took the little point and shoot because we planned to dance our asses off!

Striped Top: SES Westfield / Skirt City Chic $15 (sale) / Shoes Target $35 / Bag Earring Chain: Thrifted

If I hear music and I like it, then I will dance. I'm not shy at all (see above). I love dancing with my girls!
Candice, Mele, Ruth, Gabby and Theresa
OMG I love my gold drop clip-ons. I think they were like $2. Thrifted find baby!
Last shot before leaving shadows.

Big Love,

Falala Mele xo


  1. You look like you would be really fun to hit the town with!! :)

  2. All kinds of gorgeous! Love, love it! Searching online to find a similar styled skirt as we speak. Very cool.

    And your weekend sounds lovely. I wouldn't have given a moment of that up for anybody. :)

    1. Yes! I adore the holidays :) and I love my city chic skirt. It is one of my most faces so I hope you find one!

  3. The neckline on that top is great!!! Looking good! I too am on holidays (High school teacher) and am planning on lots of relaxation & op shopping.

    1. WOOP WOOP! I love the holidays....I swear I run on full smoke all term. Even sundays are taken up with planning and prep so holidays are a chance to switch off....or at least for a week then it's back to planning

  4. Looking fabulous Mele!! Such a perfect outfit for a night on the town.

  5. Love that first shot, you look beautiful xx

  6. love that skirt so much. the shoes are also awesome. And those PINS.........amazing....

  7. Great stripes. I'm caught up in your hair style. Glam up do! With those red lips you look fab.

  8. ... you sure know how to wear stripes, love your style! Love how you always look like you're living life to the max ;) Have a great week ;)

  9. love the look! you could never go wrong with a monochrome outfit and red lips.

  10. Girl y'all look amazing! I adore your red lip and bun so much. You are so beautiful Mele! Kiah

  11. You just make me want to travel! Always looks like you're having a blast. Totally rockin' the dance floor with those stripes!
    Jac @ Common Chaos Chronicle xxoo

  12. GIRRRRRRL. your stipes are flyyyyy!! haha :)

  13. I want to go dancing... you look so chic, like mega chic. Love your lips too, bold red just makes it all work.

  14. What a great post! So many fab photos. You look amazing in all of them. That top is awesome xxx