Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Mickey and Mallory

Hello friends, I wanted to share with you my absolute favourite second hand shop. It's a big call I know, especially considering I only found it a few weeks ago in my home town and in the main street. A little sign caught my eye and I was like "Ummmm when did that get here?"

After walking up the steps I politely asked the girl behind the desk "So how long have you been here?"
"About a year now" she replied. My jaw almost hit the floor. How could I not have known about this? I've been home for about 6 months and I visit the local stores at least once a week if I'm not working.

Most of my local shops are run by church groups and I enjoy digging through the racks of clothes to find something that catches my eye. But in Mickey and Mallory, I have to decide what I am allowed to buy. There are so many wonderful things in here.....it's pretty much a visual feast. There is tonnes of vintage furniture, clothes, hats and bags. Handmade jewelery and badges, cute teacup sets, mirrors, frames, old suitcases and its all very neat and tidy. Its so easy to navigate around and there are almost three separate rooms/ spaces.

How cute are these? Handmade and so pretty

Pretty Jumpers / Cute China

I LOVE this store for a few reasons:
  1. They are open 6 days a week. Most of the church opshops are run my kind old ladies who volunteer so they shut on the weekends but Mickey and Mallory are open on Saturdays until 2pm (I'm pretty sure anyways....but Saturdays they are open
  2. The owners are so friendly and are willing to stay open a little longer for those people who get out of work close to the normal operating hours (its either 4pm or 5pm....apologies for my bad memory)
  3. It is jam packed with things you are hard pressed to find anywhere else (I love their collection of old hats)
  4. They offer a clothes swap option where you can bring in your old items and get store credit
  5. The prices are really reasonable. Most places like this charge from $15 and upwards just because it;s cute and hip but these guys have prices starting from $5 and upwards. I'm the queen of bargains and I have seen a beautiful black sequined top with a statement floral embroidery on it and it was priced at $45. While this is more expensive than what I usually pay.....it's also a 'one of a kind piece' and things are only worth as much as you are willing to pay.......but sadly it was too small :(
  6. They have a killer $3 rack (my favourite spot....you can see me dig through the big basket and rack every time I visit).
So if you're ever in Nowra, live in Nowra or just passing by; do yourself a favour and pop in Mickey and Mallory.

ps. I just popped in to the store today and found a new special. The $3 rack has just went to a $5 a bag option! They let you stuff as much as you can in one bag. WINNING yet again......did I tell you this is my favourite store?

Big Love,

Falala Mele


  1. Ohhhhhhh.....what a fantastic store!! Loving pretty much everything the eye can see in your pics, but especially all the suitcases, the jewellery and oh, that rail of jumpers!!

    A marvellous Aladin's cave you've got there...lucky girl!!

  2. Yes, you can imagine how much I love it considering I only just found it....I go once a week if Im not working and they always have new stuff or change things around so it's different each time :)

  3. My mouth started mentally watering as I read this post....so much color and texture and just goodness all around. *sigh* we need places like this around here!

  4. This place is quite over priced for all of the broken clothing they sell in there.

    1. @anon I've shopped there a lot and yes, some items are more expensive than other places but I find that their selection is great and if you are short on time (you don't have to dig through racks of clothes to find something special) and that's why it's a great store. I always decide wether or not an item is 'worth' the price tag but I have never bought anything broken from there...actually correction...I bought a cool pair of shoes for a dollar because the buckle was broken but Jess told me about it so I knew when I purchased the item.