Sunday, December 4, 2011

"I do" Lyna + Jarrod

Goodness aren't weddings the just the best?Two people agreeing that they have found something worth keeping, something so special they just want to be together; forever. Now I know some of you may not agree but I think there is something so very special about the sacrament of marriage. It brings two individual people and their families together, and if you're like Lyna and Jarrod; total opposites (one being the shy good guy and the other being an outspoken and some would argue hard headed girl) then you bring together two cultures, both sides learning something from the other. From the littlest thing like the pronunciation of new important names, things are learnt and shared just they way they should be; in love.

So if your married take time to remember those special moments of your day and if you're not; then now you can day dream about the possibility of 'one day'.

Big Love,

Falala Mele


  1. how beautiful and romantic?

    They look so happy and the colors are wonderful!

    everyone looks so beautiful, congratulations to the newly weds! I love weddings <3


  2. Stunning! I agree that the colours are wonderful, and the setting is beautiful.....I'm not usually a big wedding fan, but this looks so happy and joyful, no-one could resist wanting one like it!

    p.s my eyes are peeled beadily to see if Mr.Postman/Delivery Man/woman is walking up my steps to bring my parcel! *is highly excited about it!*

  3. hiya mele!
    aww babe, thanks for putting this up! i love weddings!! especially the ones outdoors!
    the flower girls with their white dress and black sash are adorable! and the bridesmaid in their electric blue gowns are gorgeous. congratulations to lyna and jarrod!

  4. This wedding is beautiful! I always cry at weddings! lol Kiah