Tuesday, August 23, 2011


So a fortnight ago my sister and her besties (yes I was the blues guy) piled in our car to take the 6 hour road trip down to Melbourne to visit Mr. Marando. We were crazy enough to leave at 2am in the morning as we were waiting for our other friend to make it passed the road blocked bridge at Kangaroo Valley and we managed to drive through the night to arrive the next day in the chilly capital.

I don't know some of you might think that 6 hours is a bit of a trek but I think we are used to it making the 5 hour drive to college so often and on the plus side a return trip to Melbourne only cost each of us a few hours driving + $50 petrol money.

Both Kate (also a teacher) and I needed to escape the job just for the weekend and it seemed like the perfect opportunity to visit and see what all the fuss is about. The markets were like any old markets...but I did enjoy the lovely shops and restaurants in the side streets of the city. So many places I need to get back to!!

What I wore: Top from Opshop 50cents (I got a whole bag for $6 and I fit a whole bunch of stuff in it). Plain black tights $8, necklace from Forever 21, side bag $1 and Nike kicks that I got in Cali for $45. My sister and I played swapsies and she wore my shoes and put my black boots on for dinner.

Beautiful breakfast made by Micheal.

We also managed to catch a show....Rock of Ages.....seriously it was just so light hearted and funny. Some people might turn up their nose at it because its not deep...but like I always say....I'm no snob....I FREAKING LOVED IT!!! It featured so many of our (my sister and I) favourite Supernatural songs!!!! YEW!! Anyways I wanted to be a hero and wear a dress because I was so sick of covering up.....anyways I got a cold from it.....Thanks to my sisters miraculous chicken soup...I was all better in 3 days.

We also ate LOTS at the Crown Casino buffet!!! The dessert was just delicious!
We were also lucky enough to catch up with one of our sisters from college who has taken up her first year out teaching in Melbourne....Next time Lolo we will stay longer!! Sorry my postings may seem so uneventful lately....I haven't had much time to sit down and do as much as I would like....I'm always trying to catch up with everyone...ever since I returned back from America I have only had one weekend home.....so please accept my apologies.

As for the clothes.....I didn't really have anything exciting to wear and I am really sick of boring winter clothes, so both my sister and I wore my bright floral jackets I picked up in Nowra at an Opshop for $2 each. I love the shoulder detailing on the jacket my sister wore.....I chickened out and wore my trusty chucks because I knew we were going to be walking all over the city......Hope you are all well......and thanks for reading.

Big Love,

Falala Mele xo


  1. lovely pictures....as always you've made me want to have been there....loving the jackets and the first look you've got here. Also making me want to go on a road trip!!

  2. Awww thank you so much Brit Girl...I checked out your blog....and I wish I could follow it.... can I follow via google friend connect???

  3. hiya luv,
    i'm loving your blog every time i read a new post! its the connection i feel reading about even the littlest things like how you caught a cold wearing a dress. i had that same experience too when i was living in the UK and how unpredictable the weather can get lol
    i guess its a sharing that makes the world seems a lot closer :)

  4. hey Jiji...YES I agree...its also funny how many similarities we can find in others no matter how far away or how strange it may seem to others... you lived in the UK??? Im hoping to live there next year for 6 months....so any tips or pointers would be appreciated!! Thanks for always reading..... One day I hope to make it to malaysia so I can see your part of the world!!

  5. Mele! You look great all of your outfits are fantastic can you say lookbook? lol <3

    Theresa looks absolutely stunning I think I'll love her hair forever.

    Well anyways, I'm so happy you are enjoying catching up with friends and taking breaks. Melbourne looks and seems beautiful. All that food looked so freaking yummy!

    I'm so glad you are feeling much better and is the opshop just a shop in Australia because I can use some great cheap finds lol :P

    miss you to pieces

  6. I love the pictures...
    Have a good holidays...




  7. Deja I forgot to reply...basically Opshop is just our Australian term for thrifting....So its all second hand.

  8. I want that shirt and necklace in the 1st outfit and that necklace in the second!! NOW!! I ain't playing!! lol How haven't I seen these posts? Why aren't you in my side bar? Totally adding you now!! Kiah

  9. What a sweet letter to your uncle. I know he will appreciate the love! Kiah

  10. You are BEAUTIFUL! Love that necklace.... actually I LOVE the entire ensemble!! You look great and you ALWAYS take the best pics! What a lovely group of friends!


  11. Mele these are some great pictures! I also love your new blog header, very sassy. I go away for a couple of months and now even more fancier!!