Saturday, August 6, 2011

grand central park

so I know its in all the movies and television shows...but I had no idea how big grand central park is!!! Its freaking amazing......I managed to make my way down to the park twice but it still wasn't enough time to explore....I plan to leave two whole days next time to just wander around the park and watch New York pass me by. The first day we only had like an hour and a half free before we went inside the Met....we waited in line to see the Alexander McQueen show...Savage Beauty was worth the nearly 2 hour wait although I wish it wasn't so damn crowded and full of the type of people who say "oh his stuff looks like Lady Gaga" buuuuuut even though it kinda killed my life....I'm no pretend snob and I think its wonderful that his beautiful pieces can be appreciated or at least seen by people from all walks of life.

But yes, back to the was sunny, filled with people and squirrels...(okay so it might be boring to you Americans but its so exciting for us Australians....I guess its how you guys would be if you saw a kangaroo) so we were feeding the squirrels nuts until we got told off by a crazy lady...she told us homeless people try to eat them and we shouldn't feed them..... but I also tried a hot dog.....I just had I said before I'm a total tourist and I even acted out the scene in brown sugar when Taye Diggs munches down on one and says "shoot I love these bad boys".....its just one of the many scenes from new york that was imprinted in my mind before I had even arrived so it made it so much more fun to relive it all for real.... HA HA HA HA some would say lame.....but I don't care!
So even though I had wonderful ideas of looking beautiful everyday wearing my common sense and need for fashion to be comfortable and practical meant that I was yet again in my converse shoes....I had a lot of walking to do. I wore my vintage skirt that had been longer and too small around the waist but I just cut the waist and hemmed it lower and it fit nicely...YAY!!! The skirt was $2 and I love how it moves. I swear people do not know how to make clothes fit now....I also have a matching top but its too much to wear all together so I wore the top another night.....I found so many wonderful pieces at this remote outback opshop. Seriously the majority of my suitcase was made up of opshop finds that cost less then $20 all together! I paired it with my white loose top from Kmart because I wanted to feel pretty and girly...but cool and comfortable also.


  1. lol i love reading about your nyc adventures! i don't think its lame at all!!! i used to pretend to be on my way to hogwarts when i was at king's cross station, london lol! we're all just living our dreams..
    ps great skirt by the way! the print on it looks gorgeous!

  2. yay! your adventures in the city are fantastic! we can wonder central park all you want when you get back its my favorite place in the city. I wish I could have made it to see Mcqueen's collection but I'm so glad you saw it! :) I can't stop laughing at your hot do reference w/ Taye Diggs haha you are too cool Mele!