Wednesday, August 31, 2011

dear uncle.....

Hello Unc,

How are you? It feels like forever since I have last spoken to you. What have you been up to this past year? In the last 365 days so much has changed. Where do I start?

Ummmmm I guess you'd be glad to know that I'm not teaching in Western Australia anymore....I know you missed me so much when I was gone so I'm a lot closer to home now. It's weird because I got offered a job out at Young when I was over in America on holidays....Oh yeah and America was the bomb! I can't wait to go back to Nashville so I can drown myself in country music....Yeah I know you'd love it there.....have you heard any good country songs lately? Or how about you tell me some old school country songs and I will download them for you.

What else? You should see Khie now.....he is such a little rat bag....He runs around sticking up his finger at people and swearing in his little husky voice....and you should see his curls.....and they way he runs like a little tank..... he looks so much like Masi aye....and he is like best buddies with him.

Oh and'll never guess what.....Khie is a big brother now!!! Mia Rose....she's the prettiest lil thing ever.....terrible cute fat legs and they all call her Possum....I know you'd like that.....she's always awake at night and she has the cutest brown eyes ever! I can't wait until you meet her.

Oh yeah and Skep is over at the moment. He came home to visit you too.

Mum and Dad are still the same.....just getting older....Dad is still blarring his Gaither DVD's all the time.....I wreckon you'd like the Nashville one he's got on rotation at the moment.

Oh yeah and Pulu is getting ready to graduate......can you believe she is going to be a teacher as well? She has her interviews on don't forget to wish her luck. She'd love it if you could call her.

And as for you other God-daughter; Lisapeta is still the same. She bloody lost her licence again for drink driving....I know she never learns right! She isn't with Paul anymore and I think it's a good thing cause she is trying to figure her own shit out....but hopefully she'll get back on track and stay there....

Yeah Masi has a really good paying job now.....Still driving trucks but making some more money now so don't forget to hit him up for a loan when you see him next cause you'll know he's good for it then.

The family in Sydney are good....Same old really.....Nuki was mucking up a little bit but I think he's settled down now....they just got back from New Zealand cause Cuz launched his niuean CD over there.

And you wouldn't believe how mellow Aunty is these days. I swear you probably wouldn't even recognise her now. I mean she looks the same.....she is just so quiet now. You probably wouldn't know what to do with her. I think she just misses you so much. You know its not the same without seeing you in the lounge room or hearing your voice. She probably misses making you your black tea in your  favourite cup. I think she also misses nagging you about the phonebill as well as the drives to town and back in your Ford.

I swear everyone misses you so much....Wreck Bay is still the same....I think the bush misses you too.......misses you wondering around and bringing all those palagi tourists in to visit.

Well Uncle, I wish I could stay and chat longer.
I think about you everyday.
I wish I could see you and give you a hug but for now I'll just have to settle with this letter.

I hope you are okay.

Love you forever,

Melly High xo


  1. melly, this is many tears,but beautiful...

  2. omg, Mele's this is the sweetest thing ever. That picture of the two of you is absolutely beautiful! <33


  3. This is amazing...and you just made me cry.

  4. this made me smile. how beautifully written!!

  5. hey hun! just read ur comments on my blog, thank you so much!! ahhh i miss america so much too! was just lookin at ur pictures and was like aaawwww!! <3 hahaha. ahh that is freaking awesome you're in nz too!! :D i dont update my blog that much as u can see hahaha. i actually have a youtube channel where i make fashion vids :) if u ever wanna check it out! anywhos, loving ur blog and definitely will be following it lovely!! defs keep in touch yeh! love lots,catherine xx

  6. haha oh wait ur not from nz xD sily me!! hahaha <3 xx

  7. hiya mele,

    i love the relationship you have with your family. its the openness and sincerity i read from your letter that touches me..

    my love to your whole family <3