Friday, November 12, 2010

from the vault..... a few years ago anyway

 Okay so I used to get a little excited with my liquid eyeliner ;)

 The length of this dress is all over the place.... I still have it somewhere but I don't think I will wear it until I hem it up to my knees

Its kinda funny to look back  on past styles, obsessions and outfits...... you think you look bad ass at the time only to look back and kinda feel a lil embarrassed for yourself......seriously kinda don't know what I was thinking for the most of it..... but these pics remind me of fun times with fams and friends....

 Something funky was happening with my hair that night... I don't think it would straighten properly.... >.<

 I don't know why, but I love Niva's green shoes.... they pop so much... as well as my little yellow purse...I left one in London, along with my memory card :(

I think I will post some more old pics later.... well at least until I get to taking some new ones...I've been sick so I have basically been in PJ's all week but next week is the Meeka Ball!! Look out Meekatharra! My roommates best friend will be here and so will my sister and niece!!! Yay for East Coasters in WA... :)

Many Blessings and Happy Sabbath <3

Falala Mele xo

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