Saturday, December 11, 2010


So last weekend (this post is like 3 weeks late now, had terrible internet connection) brought the arrival of 3 extra housemates to Karalundi. Joanne, Theresa and Mae. It also brought the Meekatharra Ball, the annual event where our high school students get to dress up and strut their stuff in town. I dont know if you know what Aboriginal kids are like, but for the majority, they are painfully shy. They hate to stand out from their peers and their community and they rarely do things that draws attention to themselves. But on this night.... they were all really beautiful and I got a sense that they felt beautiful too....

But the funniest thing was that the whole hall and the students within the hall reminded me of Footloose. My sister mentioned it and I was like "YES!" thats exactly what is was like. You have all seen the movie with Kevin Bacon right? Awww it was sooo cute and country and the kids were too damn shy to dance..... luckily for them, we (being Theresa, Mae, Catherine, Joanne and I) have no shame and since we have had little to no club/music/dance experiences in a LONNNNNG time, we had no problem in getting up and dancing to a little bit of DYNAMITE (I knoowwwww extremely old, but hey it was that or Bad Moon Rising or White Wedding).... yeah the DJ was a little mean...... I think he may have been transported back to his ball days cause he seemed to play his favourites and was happily rocking out behind the DJ booth while we waited for a song we could dance to.

All in all, it was one of the most fun nights we have had all year.... the kids did get up and dance and we stayed on the dancefloor until we had to leave.

Dress:City Chic
Shoes: Target
Belt: Big W
Makeup: Face of Australia Bronzer and Napolen eyeshadow
Lashes and nail colour: Gloss

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