Monday, November 1, 2010


Being so remote and far from anything, most weekends are spent at home trying to avoid the mob of kids that are constantly knocking on my door...."Miss Carmel! Miss Carmel can I come in?"....... Just the other day my housemate and I recorded some footage of it. If its not a hassle to upload I will put in on the blog so you can see what I mean....and watching it makes me laugh...... but to get away for the weekend, well that was really nice.

Although I wanted my housemate to come, she was stuck working :(   so off I went with two work mates. Minus the 16 hours of driving....the one free day we had at Kalbarri was really beautiful.

The open space and height of this lookout made me want to lie down.... lil scary but the view was amazing

 There were so many beautiful views and various lookouts at Kalbarri National Park

 Natures window <3

I guess to dress for comfort is sensible when your out and about in the was really windy, hot and there were a million flies around. But I wore my lovely Niuean Outriggers top cause I always like to rep my island.....

Shorts and canary yellow top: Big W
Tortoise Shell Glasses: Rockmans
Earrings: Gloss
Hat: Von Zipper

Best fun was spending most of the dirt road time in the back of the Nissan holding on for dear the most fun free roller coaster ever......and doing my "footloose front kicking" with this old lady who felt sorry for my because my friends didnt want to dance with me and the live band...... Wish I got a pic with Kerryl cause she's cool like that! Oh and we found a pink saltwater lake too :)

and sadly we made the long trip back............hope you are all well wherever you may be in your travels.....

Love and blessings

Falala Mele xo

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  1. lovin the pics miss photographer!! :D :D keep posting more!! i love reading your updates.XO