Monday, October 11, 2010

Eat Pray Love

Bonjour Friends!

How are you all? Well it has been a long week since my last post...actually its been over a week but I have been busy packing up and preparing for my inevitable return to the bush..... so here I am, back in the middle of nowhere in Western Australia and I am so happy to be back in my house :) My roommate is still enjoying all the bright lights and wonderful food that Sydney has to offer... so she won't be back until Thursday.... I loved being back home and being able to attend things... birthdays, movies, food and shopping....

Although not much shopping occurred (I was busy with family and all my duties as a niuean girl during a funeral) so most of my time home was spent driving back and forth to the airport, buying food, cooking and feeding family and friends and cleaning and crying with loved ones over the loss of my dear Uncle.

Emo much? try having your aunty telling you that she wants you to sing at the funeral..... "It doesn't matter if you cry, it doesn't matter if you can't sing properly... I want you to sing for your Uncle"...........


So aside from all that.... I managed to find this sweet little top at big w for about $25 AUD.... oh and if I could have found the next size up it would have made the sweetest dress..... but I still love the colour, the lil detailing in the's lovely and light and I'm sure I will get a lot of good use out of it during the hot Australian summer.... So sad I missed out on the little black cherry dress :( DAMN IT!

So back to the eat pray love. I managed to catch the movie on the night before I flew out to Perth. The first part of the movie left us all feeling giddy at the sight of the beautiful italian buildings..... we tried repeating each Italian phrase as she was being tutored in the language and we longed to eat pasta, pizza, prosciutto and melon..... GAAAHHHH! Can I please be there right now? You see, my sister and cousin (who is basically my sister) are approximately a year off graduating. The plan is to move to London for approximately 6-12months to work and travel all around europe.... on my brief visit to london, paris and amsterdam... I basically fell in love with europe and wish to have a longer affair over there!! First stop after we arrive into London.... Italy :) as for the rest of the movie? Yeah I kinda wanted to rewind the first part and watch italy over again.... gotta love the "eat" part of the movie.....the pray and the love part kinda had me wanting to hit myself over the head so that I could snap out of my boredom.

So here a few pics of the outfit..... I really need to take time out for better pics... but I usually only have time for a quick few shots cause I am always running late... note to self.... take better pics of the outfit so people can see what Im wearing..... DONE... thats noted ;)

I hope you are all well.....

Many blessings coming from Karalundi,

Falala Mele

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