Friday, October 15, 2010

one school and two funerals

So first week back at school was SAAAALOOOOOWWW! For those of you who don't know me... although I think you all do :P I am a teacher for a grade 3,4 & 5 class out in the remote desert of Western Australia... and my students are all Aboriginal kids bar one.... so these kids come from fairly traditional communities and for anyone who has ever worked with Indigenous Australians; you know what happens during funeral time.

Come rain, hail or shine, it doesn't matter if it's your great great uncle's cousin who passed away, you must attend the funeral. So I return to my school with all but 6 students in my class. Wiluna has a funeral and so does Jigalong. Have you ever watched Rabbit Proof fence? Well my kids are from that country..... My housemate is not back either :( Stupid rain delayed the planes from Sydney.... but at least she gets extra time with the family....

So as for the clothes.... well.... out here I kinda don't get to dress up as much :( Its really country here and there really isn't many events or places to dress up for.... but I will still post up outfits that I wear around here.... one of my new girls said to me today "Miss it's like you come from New York or something"..... lol I WISH JELLYFISH!

This is what I wore today. It has been a favourite top of mine since I purchased it during the July holidays... I brought it from Big W when I was shopping with friends.... I think it may have been $30 or somewhere around that mark....... Hope you are all having fun dressing up or down; whatever the situation may be.... and a special shout out to my lovely friend Miss Magenta who is also in teacher clothes mode. Miss you all <3

Falala Mele

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