Wednesday, October 29, 2014

That nu nu London vibe

Damn, guess who's back? Yessir it's your girl Falala. 
I'm celebrating the connection of our home wifi with a blog post. 


All I can say is I've missed my humble little online space and I've been extremely busy adjusting to the life that is 'living abroad'. I've had some wonderful adventures and some heavy-eyes rolling-in the back of  my head- shoot me now moments, but I've been in London for a month now so I can safely say it's starting to feel more like home, rather than an extended holiday.

We literally spent the first 2 weeks on the hunt for a place to live and doing all the boring things (agency meetings, bank accounts, signing leases etc) and then spent the third week gradually  moving our two suitcases of gear each from Deptford to Leyton.  Amongst all that we started working! We are officially East siders E15 2BX yo' and I'm close to E17 bless. That's where the boys of my fave boy band East 17 were raised. A bloke from church said one of them lived around the corner from his grandma back in the day and he still remembers when the street would be packed with cars and hordes of screaming girls.  "In a west end town and a dead end world, East end boys and west end girls." Still my jam.

Cool things that have happened within the last month.

  • I did like 2 weeks of supply teaching. Got over it, and I now have a class of my own. Yr 2/3 bless them. They are beautiful
  • Internet connected in our awesomely huge 3 bedroom flat 
  • QTS approved
  • Hanging with Rhianon (been too long since we were around each other)
  • Meeting up with Bonnie, my old college friend who is also living abroad
  • Joined a community choir in Notting Hill and it's AWESOME! We are preparing for a Christmas concert, COME if you're in the area. It is going to sound AMAZING and my sister and I may be leading out in one of the songs.
  • Bumped into the gorgeous blogger Callie Thorpe around the Portobello Markets
  • We were asked to chat to Channel 4 crew whilst leaving Camden Markets on our opinions/experiences with tattoos and piercings 
  • Getting around London without City Mapper >.<

I'll sign off now, with the promise of regular posts. Fingers crossed I get some blogging mojo back.

Big Love,

Falala Mele

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