Friday, June 20, 2014

worn so far

1. Fave thrifted denim / Kmart top / Forever 21 scarf    2. Thrifted floral dress / purple lips / Target wedge sandle
1. Thrifted patterned blouse / purple lips $3     2. Best and Less blouse / Seraphim chain /  Hat Cabramatta 
1. Carnival casual w fluro muscle shirt from Hawaii    2. Basic face goodness
1. Denim / bindi / Uncle's beanie for birthday dress up   2. Knott flow on Sundays
So I've definitely eased off with the ootd shots. I still love getting dressed up but I'm just kinda fine with wearing it and moving on. Don't get it twisted, I still love reading blogs and looking at creatively styled ensembles but for me, it got to a point where I wanted to photograph everything.....then I kinda thought I could spend my time doing other live life.

That's not to say the outfit shots will stop. Hardly. I'm just not as inspired right now so here a few shots of what I've been wearing off my humble phone. Still ridiculously drawn towards that 90's aesthetic. I love the deep lip colour, and a more casual look. Ugh it's me all over. Little effort and then I'm off.

Big love,

Falala Mele.

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