Friday, June 20, 2014

Since I've been gone

1. The countdown is on 2. Vivid Lights with family in Sydney 3. Sunflower in Henderson garden Mildura

I'm currently at a pit stop. You know, just taking a break. It's weird to call it that; considering I've been busy slugging away and counting down the days to London (92 days in case you're wondering). I still don't feel like I know where the first half of the year has gone and we have already hit the sixth month of the year. Feels like just yesterday when I was complaining about how life is busy and  how I felt like I was running on autopilot.

So what's new? Well a lot it would seem; because I've hardly shared anything lately so I'll try and bring you up to speed with it all.

  1. I've turned 30. Say what? 
  2. I've been offline for a while. Consider it a detox from the unnecessary amount on time spent on my fave app instagram.
  3. I'm back in Mildura teaching (amongst other places like Nowra and Sydney), it's sort of a PD in an attempt to teach in as many different classroom environments to sharpen the skills before heading into the temp environment over in London.
  4. One brother has come home and one has gone away.
  5. I'm back at it and consciously working at my optimum health and well being. Increasing the fitness and setting new goals.
  6. It's June and I don't have ticket back to New York (for the first time in 3 years so that's weird).
  7. It would appear that I'm back blogging!
  8. I have a ticket booked to London.
  9. My friend, sister and I are working on a new side project blog as a collaborative space for when we move to London together. Super excited about this.
  10. I just saw one of my most favourite groups perform live. TLC Took me back to when I would sit in my bedroom and listen to albums and dream about the possibility of life and 'growing up'.
  11. Aunties adventure to World Food Court in Chinatown with our babies. Food was AMAZING! At Thai sells whole fried fish for $10.50. Fresh, crispy perfection. I die! The link has a few recommended places to visit.

SYDNEY 1. The Pie Tin adventures in Newtown 2. Cooking sexy brunch food at home 3. Hanging with the sis Moala 

Caught up with Evie from Work It Own It Use It while in Sydney to eat dumplings in Hurstville with Moala and she said to go and watch CHEF. Anyone who knows me knows that I LOVE good food and food shows/movies. I LOVED the film and watching chefs handle and respond to food so I ran straight home to make something yummy. Ugh it was so good. Asian chicken with melted maasdam and brie cheese topped with an Asian cabbage salad. Fist pumping.
1. Sun soaking on a park lawn in Sydney 2. TLC with Niva 3. Birthday love with my birthday twins Aunty & Uila
SYDNEY 1. Catchups with my college boo Cica 2. Finding 1D love for Pulu & Jenny 3. College catchups continue
1. Newtown seeing this piece of Koori pride 2. Beyonce jacking my flow >.<  3. Late night train rides with my babies

What's new with you? I've missed you.

Big Love,

Falala Mele.

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