Sunday, December 1, 2013

teenage dream

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Thrifted things make me feel like I'm living a teenage dream. 
All the things I could ever dream of when I was a teenager. Pretty clothes, cool shit. 
The type of gears that let everyone know; you were the shit and you knew it.
I was a complete poor soul. But I think everyone was. Nah that's bullshit. People were cool. I wasn't. 
I was a quiet, good, half-caste girl who was fat and couldn't afford all that fancy shit. 
It didn't kill my life like it did for others. 
It didn't sit at home and pine for it. 
I just waited around and grew into myself. 
It was nice dreaming away about all the things I wanted to become. 
I was connected to my family, friends and music and looking back, 
it seems to be the best youth ever. 
Things are getting messed up now days. 
You get everything you want and you get it quickly.
Now I realise that a lot of shit doesn't matter.
But it's nice to get all things that make me feel
like I'm living the teenage dream.

Big Love,

Falala Mele.


  1. hiya mele!

    long long long time! i haven't been in the blogging mood but always look forward to your posts. love the hair!! effortless and cool.


  2. wow you look amazing!! your hair <3