Saturday, May 11, 2013

Aussie Curves: Time Saver

Hi Ladies,

I'm back after the longest ever hiatus in history. So I'm back with the timesaver post and I have to say that this challenge IS my daily life!! I am ALWAYS busy. Throughout the school term I'm up Mon-Fri at 5:30am and I shower at get dressed at the gym. On the weekend I'm up trying to get ready for church and on Sunday I'm up cleaning the house before heading back into my classroom to prep for the week and then I pack my gym bag and I do it ALL OVER AGAIN!

During the holidays I always try to cram in so much when I'm at home so I'm often travelling from the south coast, to sydney, to new castle. Up and down the coast I go and I'm always throwing together whatever I pack (which is usually a night before-throw-together-whatever is clean type of deal).

My time saver is usually an oversized blouse with shorts or tights. It's quick and comfy. Makeup is a dust of bronzer and I will either do lips or eyes. Today I got ready for church in like 15 minutes because we were running late. So I went to cupboard and pulled out my sisters oversized black and white patterned blouse. I would normally wear it with short tights or a tube skirt because the blouse is really big but being church I decided to go with my sisters newly thrifted berry split skirt to keep it modest.

The blouse has a really long tail and it was a little too big and swallowed the skirt so I chucked on a contrasting blazer to pull it all in and tidy up the silhouette. Whenever I want to look clean and fresh faced I always dust my eyes with my gold Victoria Secrets eyeshadow. I chucked on my final contrasting colour (being the red lips) and I left my hair as is. It air dried like that. I like the look because it's not too polished and I seem to be opting towards that look lately.

Thrifted Wonders: Millers Blazer / Polkadot Blouse / Berry Skirt / Ken Done Bag 

So here are my tips for all you busy ladies out there:

1) Always have a bold staple piece that catches the eye. It could be a bold colour, tailored blazer or a patterned blouse. This will draw the eye and keep your overall look interesting even if the rest of your outfit is made up with your basic jean or tights.

2) Wear bronzer! Wear bronzer! Wear bronzer! This is my ONLY must have beauty item. Bronzer makes me feel fresh faced even if I don't get to do the rest of my face.

3) A lick of lipstick does the same for your face as your bold piece of clothing. Draws and attention and  interest and it is much quicker to apply than mascara and liner.

4) Finish the look with a pair of glasses. I have LOADS of glasses and even when I wear a basic black, I keep it interesting with a different pair of glasses. And instead of looking a little frazzled when you're marching out of the door late, you like a woman on a mission!

Big Love,

Falala Mele


  1. Love your look always. Welcome back

  2. Amazing blouse! I totally agree with bronzer and lippy as well.

  3. I looooove your blazer. And wow you are really busy. Great tips.

  4. that jacket's a fab colour! you look great.