Thursday, March 28, 2013

Wedding attire in the Philippines

So here is the only proper outfit shot that I got the entire time I was away. The humidity was too much for me to try and compose myself for a shot. I rarely brushed my hair or wore any makeup but here I am in my wedding attire. I picked this dress up in New York on my first visit to Forever 21. This pretty dress was only $22. I've kept it, waiting for the right time to wear it. So Joan & Karl's Wedding  on the beach was the perfect occasion. 

I planned to let my hair hang naturally but it got so hot that I eventually chucked it all up. Dark eyes and nude lips for a dramatic fresh look and I wore my fave purchase from green and yellow geometric earrings. No shoes cause I left them on the beach. The hat was a necessity because of the heat and sun. We were lucky enough to capture the last few moments of the sunset. 

What's your ideal beach wedding look?

Big Love,

Falala Mele


  1. All kinds of wonderful lady. You ladies all look gorgeous. I miss your face. I need to get here more foten. LOVE.

  2. stunnah!!!!!
    i love the look and especially that hat! love! i've been trying that sorta hat for my beach holiday but didn't look so hot on me :( maybe it was the cut and colour (i chose black to try on and was put off) but now i'm inspired to look at it again <3

  3. You Look Fabulous Boo! =)