Wednesday, July 27, 2011

4th July pt.1

Well my lovely followers.....this is my second week in my new job and I feel as though my wonderful summer holiday went by so kinda feels like a dream....but then I log onto my facebook and I see that I my blogger friend Deja from Just Daisy tagged me in her summer album and then I realise....OH WAIT...just a few weeks ago...I was in NY!!!

So Im smack bang in the middle of winter and my summer glow is hidden by the layers of warm clothes....I do however have the photographic evidence that sweeps me back to the warmth, the sounds and the vibrancy of NYC. I was so very lucky to meet my friend Deja. It was so surreal and definitely THE highlight of my trip....aside from meeting the city itself...I met someone who belonged there....a REAL NEW YORKER! So Im a total tourist...I even told Deja we were so excited to walk around with a local to act like we belonged (and by we I mean my sister Pulu, Emma and other girlies from our tour).

So we met at about 8:30pm on the 3rd of July. We had just watched Jersey Boys (OH EM FRIKKEN GEEEEEEEE). Yes it was THAT GOOD....... and we had a belly full or Carmine's Italian food and we were pumped to meet Deja and just excited to hang out.......We spent the evening (and some US dollars) in the Times Square Forever 21 on some beautiful clothes.....I was surprised that most pieces I looked at were around $20 USD. In Australia I like to find stuff around $20 and under.....I'm a fan of bright colours and I couldn't wait to wear my new brights and stripes dress on the 4th of July. It was a little loose around the top but I love flowy clothes as well so I didn't mind.

 Meeting Deja was so much fun. I'm a newbie to blogging so I have never met up with any bloggers before. My friends and I were having dinner and they were sharing their crazy net stories......but I have followed her blog for a while now and I have always been impressed with her maturity and understanding of self and the revolving world so I knew we would get along.......AND DID WE GET ALONG!!! In a few hours we shared shopping, gelato, late night subway rides, giggles, roof top adventures, lost cute boys peering in our room, a hotel sleepover, strawberries and croissants. And just like a Sex in the City was so much fun and over too soon.

I loved listening to her talk about her city.....knowing that she knew her shit......I love that now when I think of New York...its no longer an abstract's a place that houses my friend...shes there...and she'll be there when I go back....and she'll fill me in on all the crazy things the city has done, what its been through and what's new....whats worth it...and what's not.

After we parted ways we made our way down to the Rockerfeller Centre to see the wonderful view.....we also tried our first giant pretzel (I did warn you in saying that I'm such a tourist) and bro it was GOOOOOD!
Then we jumped on the subway and made our way over to Coney Island!! It was the most fun just people watching....seeing everyone soak up the sun and buzz through the crazy crowd.
After that we made our way over the Brooklyn Bridge.....I hate walking where I'm supposed to so imagine all the angry people ringing their bike bells telling me to get out of their lane....oh well I made it over alive..........
and we found some delicious flower mangoes......YUMMY! Stay tuned for 4th July pt.2.......Thanks for reading....and if your in New York right now....please tell the city that I miss it.

Please note some of the shots featured is the work of my little sister Theresa.....we kinda grabbed each others camera throughout the trip and we basically share everything instead of keeping and sharing only the ones we took...we just share them all.

Big Love,

Falala Mele xo


  1. hiya mele!

    looks like you had a super fun time in nyc! i'm so jealous!!! lol i especially love that all of you look incredibly cute in your summer outfits and shades. i also think your sis and you have the most amazing features, bone structure, skin tone, eye colour gggaaaaahhhhhh!! i'm sucha fangirl lol.

    lotsa love,

  2. You and your friends take the BEST pics! Looks like you guys had a blast! Love your look purrr-ty!


  3. Awesome shots! So cool that you met with Deja!

  4. Thanks Joy, Jiji and Myeshia....It was so much fun and Im working through my pics to load because I miss all my friends from the trip but thats life aye....back to the grind so I can afford more holidays!

  5. YAAAAAAAAY!! this is soo coool!!!!!! i just remembered bulu's song...flow-urr man-goo, FLOWERMANGOOOOOOOO!!!!! bahahahahaah

  6. O-M-G!! Haha, this post totally made my heart smile Mele, you are amazing girl! I'm so glad you enjoyed my company, I'm such a snooze fest but you make me sound so great. You have no idea how much those kind words mean to me, like really :)

    I'm going to snag these photos for safe keeping if you and Theresa don't mind haha their so much freaking fun!!

    I can't wait for you to come next summer and keep on smiling in that winter haze, you're probably still fabulous and all!

    miss you bunches

  7. yes most definitely take what you want....I emailed a few to you so check your inbox xo