Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Team Us

Mele Vintage Denim / Forever 21 Leggings / Tee Spreadshirt - Pulu Jeans New Look / Shoes Converse / Tee Spreadshirt 

For the longest time we have had Omarian's song- Post To Be on repeat. This catchy little jam had us grooving up in our house, giving us inspiration to cook, clean and dance daily. My fave line was Chris Brown's "team us, we aint worried about you", and being people who literally quote everything from lines, I decided to make it into a t-shirt. Even if you don't know the song, the tees pretty much sum us up.

I went onto Spreadshirt to make the tees primarily because I was looking for extra long tees and these went up to a 5XL. I think the shirts were 15 pound and are really well made and printed. Theresa and I always have lines or sayings that we plan to print and we never get around to doing it, so I'm glad we got some sorted.

I'm still in love with that loose 90's style, leaving my hair as is and opting for a totally laxed-out look. It's also super comfortable and practical because we walk EVERYWHERE. I am not one of those people who suffer for style. I like to keep it real.

We also get asked if we are twins A LOT and lately it's been fun to play on that a little. Only a few years ago, we were obsessed with being completely different, and to be honest we did have different styles but as we continue to grow into ourselves, we're happy with wearing clothes that we want to wear regardless of who else is wearing it. I don't know if you've picked up on it, but we even have the same shoes and we'll wear it on the same day and that used to be a real no no.

Paris was fun. It had been 6 years since I had first visited and it was the first time my sister had been. I will share some more pictures soon but I just wanted to share the outfits. I promised some style posts so here is the first one.

Jacket Vintage / Shirt Primark / Skirt City Chi / Shoes Converse 

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