Friday, April 25, 2014

Marisa & Rory

Cousins Dom, Hayden, Maddy, Kyall, Theresa and Ben
Aunty Ange, Aunty Mitch, Aunty Claire & Mum

Mum and Dad with Marisa
Mum placing her lei tupe on the bride

It's been years since I have caught up with my Father's side of the family. The last time I had spent time with them was at my grandfathers funeral and that was five years ago, so it was definitely lovely to catch up for a celebration.

On March the 22nd 2014, my family and I met up in Adelaide to witness my gorgeous cousin Marisa wed her beau Rory. Set amongst the glorious trees and blue sky, we were warmed by the sun and by the love and kindness that these two showed towards one another. After the ceremony we sat amongst hay bales and wine barrels and feasted on Marisa's favourite food, local plump red strawberries.

We then made our way to the wedding reception venue run by an Italian family who built the venue for their daughter's wedding. Overlooking the ocean and catching the last of the day's sun; we ate freshly baked bread, gnocchi with local almonds and basil, pumpkin ravioli, and lamb on the spit. The food was AMAZING. Everything local and fresh prepared by one family, using recipes that their grandmother passed down.

We laughed at how they met; in the middle of a dance floor it would seem, both sober drivers for their friends and they danced the night away. Marisa was devastated that the boy didn't ask for her number but was absolutely delighted when she saw him being pushed towards outside the club by his mates. And that's how it all began, this love story of Rory & Marisa who are now affectionately called Rorisa. It ended with loads of dancing and laughter and of course love.

Hope you are well.

Big love,

Falala Mele.

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  1. hiya mele!

    I am loving how large and varied your family is. Am so happy for your cuz. I love the story of how they met - two designated drivers who fell in love on the dancefloor! Wishing all many happy moments to come.